Home Staging revisits the children’s room!

Summer is the ideal time to try Home Staging! Your child is asking for a new decoration in his room? It’s your turn !

Efficient and easy to implement, Home Staging enhances your interior spaces at a lower cost. The principle: change everything … without changing anything! What are the secrets of Home Staging? Can it be used in a child’s room? It’s never been easier to become an interior decorator! 

Home Staging in a child’s room: we make room clean!

The objects we pile up on a daily basis end up encroaching on our living spaces. To remedy this, the philosophy of Home Staging could be summed up in a formula shock: désencombrez! As much to warn you, sorting is not a part of pleasure! So you have to arm yourself with patience. Toys, school affairs or comforters: start by getting rid of everything that is out of order. Then make sure each preserved object finds its place in an assigned space. To help you, furniture stores offer storage boxes specifically designed for children’s rooms . Practical and space-saving, they make it possible to make a clean space in less time than it takes to say it! 
08734586-photo-room-child-storage-home-staging-deco. jpg
Storage boxes will always be a good investment! 

Home Staging or the art of doing something new with old!

Redecorating without breaking the bank is one of the keys to Home Staging! Rather than investing in new furniture, give a second life to your aging furniture. Your secret weapon: the DIY, or Do It Yourself! There are innumerable step-by-step tutorials detailing all the steps to customize the furniture of a child’s room. A little paint, some stickers and a bit of imagination are often enough to work wonders! Ecological and economical, the art of re-use has only advantages. 
08734588-photo-inspiration-home-staging-child-room-boy. jpg
This little stool could not find its place in the kitchen? That’s good!

Home Staging to create the illusion of space in the child’s room

Optimizing every nook in a small space is not easy. Do not worry, Home Staging just ask for help! It is sometimes enough to change the arrangement of furniture in a child’s room to create the illusion of volume. A bunk bed will not be positioned in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, to avoid creating an impression of confinement. Similarly, for an impressive library to appear less massive, it must be seen in profile from the entrance to the room. Finally, to give an impression of height under ceiling, arrange the high furniture in the bottom of the room. Thanks to these simple rules, the baby’s room will suddenly seem more spacious!
We distinguish well the corner bed of the corner office

What if the secret of Home Staging was harmony?

Remember that Home Staging was born in the United States, to allow individuals to sell their homes faster. The principle was simple: create a neutral and depersonalized decoration, to please the greatest number. How to take advantage of this founding principle of Home Staging in a child’s room? You will take care of the harmony of the colors! If you have opted for tart furniture, choose a more neutral shade for the walls.You can also play on shades of reminders: curtains, carpets and bedspreads are then matched. You will understand: fantasy is always welcome in a child’s room, provided you know subtly doser!
A halfway room in retro and modern with the alliance of pink and gray.

Repairing, cleaning, sealing: the golden rules of Home Staging!

In accordance with the principles of Home Staging , remember to erase all the small imperfections that aggression look! Children are often not very cautious when they play. It is therefore likely that the floor of their room is damaged here and there. If this is the case, opt for a laminated PVC lino. Cheap, it also has the advantage of being easily replaced in case of deterioration. After the ground, hitch up to the walls! The holes will be easily filled with a ready-to-use filling compound. When you have done this brilliantly, do not stop there! Apply a transparent protective film to your child’s desk: this harmless and inexpensive trick will preserve it permanently.
Above all, no imperfection should be visible in the room! 

Make your child a Home Staging Expert!

Your little one has expressed the wish for a new home decor ? Take the opportunity to associate it with the changes you put in place! Consult it for example for the color of the walls or the choice of stickers. By participating in decisions related to Home Staging , he will have the feeling of appropriating his new room. As a spectator, he will become an actor! So valued, your child will be more inclined to take care of his new universe. You have everything to gain …
And if your little one became a Home Staging pro?