Household: micro-tasks that take 5 minutes

If the household seems so tedious, it is often because it is considered a long activity, a kind of “cleaning” of several hours that encroaches on leisure or the weekend. And if we split this mega chore into small tasks achievable at any time in a few minutes? So you will keep the house in order as you go along, put the entire family to work, and ease the chore of the weekly household.


The benefits of setting up micro-tasks

You have trouble getting your family involved in household chores? The micro-tasks division can help you! Doing one or two quick actions will seem less tedious than a more general injunction to put away, and even the little ones can help with tasks within their reach.
Have you ever heard of the Fly Lady method? This method developed in the United States intends to limit the household of the house to 15 minutes a day by setting up daily routines of household chores.This organization is based on a weekly household plan piece by piece and a daily discipline of iron and is not suitable for everyone. But we can take inspiration from the splitting of house maintenance into quick tasks that end up becoming habits.
More simply, you can make a list of micro-tasks to be done, each can pick every day at his discretion and integrate simple gestures to his schedule. You can also set goals for all family members based on their age and availability: for example one task per day for the youngest, two or three for teens …



Micro-tasks in the kitchen

This is the room that gets dirty the faster but, good news, it is also the one where there are the most micro-tasks to perform! If everyone spends a few minutes a day, it will remain in theory at the time of “cleaning” only to clean the ground.Is it worth it to try no?
Wash or change sponges (dishes, household)
Take out the trash
Clean the coffee machine
Setting the table
Unclutter the refrigerator door: remove old coupons, post-it notes and useless tickets
Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher
Empty the dishwasher
Get rid of the work plan
Wash the oven rack
Wash a floor (or two!) Of the fridge
Wipe the table
Clean the microwave
Wash the stove



The micro-tasks in the entrance

It is a gale and it is often neglected, and yet the entrance is the first piece you find when you arrive at home. Keeping it clean and tidy is a good habit to keep.The good news is that being generally small, a few simple daily actions are enough to keep it in order.
Storing shoes lying around
Empty the pockets and throw old tickets and papers
Wash the door handles
Typing the mat
Sweep the broom
Tidying the coat rack
Shine a pair of shoes



The micro-tasks in the living room

This is the main living room and probably the one with the most function. We receive, we eat, we watch TV, children play … so it’s often the most messy room! There is often a lot of work to be done to make the show look good, but since it is mostly a succession of small tasks, if everyone goes for a few minutes a day, the shambles should be avoided.
Throw or give old newspapers and magazines lying around
Disinfect remotes, phones, keyboards and computer mice with a little 70 ° alcohol or white vinegar
Free the coffee table
Dust the lamps
Dust off the TV screen
Storing toys lying around
Storing books lying in the library
Put the sofa cushions in order
Clean windows
Change the water of flowers
Water the plants



The micro-tasks in the rooms

The rooms are dirty and the problem is rather a mess. A few clothes lying around, a bed undone, a pile of books wobbly and everything quickly looks like chaos! Make it a habit, and have it taken to your children, to perform these few simple tasks each day.The household will be limited to vacuuming once a week, without first storing.
Air the room
Make the bed
Sweep the broom
Preparing tomorrow’s clothes
Fold up and store clothes lying around
Wearing dirty clothes at the basket / laundry room
Stow what’s lying on the floor before bedtime
Clean windows



Micro-Tasks in the Office

Difficult to get to work or his correspondence in an office where chaos reigns. Simple gestures will help you maintain order on a daily basis.
Empty the wastebasket
Free the top of the office
Classify invoices received
Tidying up supplies



Micro-tasks in the bathroom

Much like the kitchen, the bathroom is maintained by a succession of micro-tasks. If you have to do all of them all at once, it can take hours, but if everyone puts theirs into the game by doing something from the following list from time to time, you’ll save a lot of time!
Air the room
Take out the trash
Wash the washbasin
Make the faucets shine
Discard the empty bottles
Clean the ventilation grille
Clean the mirror
Put the bottles in order
Sorting in the medicine cabinet: prepare a bag of expired medicines or you will no longer use and drop it at the pharmacy
Clean the window sill with a little diluted white vinegar to prevent the formation of mold



Micro-tasks in the laundry room

Whether you have a laundry room or your washing machine installed in the bathroom, there are many things you need to do to maintain your laundry because it’s not enough just to launch the laundry! Split this chore to move forward when you have a free moment and ask everyone to contribute with these simple tasks that will save you valuable time.
Sort the laundry
Put socks in pairs
Empty the washing machine
Fill the dryer
Fold some towels
Spread underwear



Micro-stains in the toilet

Toilet care is a drudgery, but it usually only takes a few minutes. Get rid of it as soon as you can or delegate without guilt!
Air the room
Clean bowl and toilet seat
Change the deodorant block if necessary
Discard empty paper rolls
Empty the trash