How to build a Feng Shui office?

Whether they are architects, pharmacists, insurers, doctors, restaurants or retailers, more and more professionals are turning to Feng Shui experts to rethink the layout of their workplace. Indeed, if this ancestral know-how promotes a feeling of well-being, it could also unlock complex situations, and even increase the turnover of the company. Explanations with Annaïg, Feng Shui graduate and disciple of Liliane Too.


Why follow the principles of Feng Shui to set up your workplace?

Generally, Feng Shui, which means “water and wind” in Chinese, makes it possible to resonate with a place to to feel a state of harmony and profound balance. Five thousand years before our era, the emperor’s Feng Shui experts chose the places where to build his palaces and advised him the best pieces to practice his various activities according to the seasons.Today, we must admit that the professionals who use this method are mainly motivated by the increase in their turnover! They have heard about it and say they have nothing to lose trying. They therefore call on an expert in Feng Shui to choose a new location, establish their leadership position, solve problems between departments, increase and retain their customers or simply boost their turnover. And it works!



What are the basic rules of Feng Shui in the office?

Feng Shui is a complex art, and for a study to be really effective it must combine the different schools of Feng Shui: “Shooting stars “, the compass and the forms. For example, you first need to determine the astral theme of the building, calculated from its date of construction, and compare it with that of the occupants. We then study the plan of the local: I often say “show me your plan and I will tell you where are your blockages”.To simplify to the extreme, each orientation corresponds to one area: the Northwest is the sector of the chief, the justice and the luck, the Southwest that of the communication and the partnerships, the West is dedicated to projects, the South-East is the sector of prosperity and wealth … We must then take into account the study of forms and geobiology, as well as the history of places to possibly propose an energy cleaning. That is why it would be completely wrong to summarize a Feng Shui study with some “tricks” to apply systematically. Once the blocking points have been identified, it is then necessary to set up “remedies” to recreate a state of balance and harmony.
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What are these Feng Shui remedies?

They are specific to each case, but we can for example recommend changing the colors of a wall, placing a chime in an angle, changing the furniture, the checkout or the coffee machine instead.A classic remedy for a leader’s position is, for example, to eliminate the disruptive elements behind his back and replace them with his diplomas or the representation of a snowy mount. One can also clarify a place that has been disturbed by the previous occupants. Depending on the case, some remedies can be very easy and quick to set up, or require emptying a storage room, moving the meeting room or replacing some furniture. But the remedies are never too complex or too expensive, Feng Shui must adapt to the local!



What are your personal tips for building a professional Feng Shui room?

First and foremost, you need to be wary of popular books that do not take into account the different schools and the complexity of Feng Shui. For those who wish to better understand the interest and principles of this art in their professional and personal life, I recommend reading The Feng Shui Encyclopedia Liliane Too, which remains a reference.Otherwise you must learn to listen to his feelings and put words on a feeling of insecurity or discomfort that we feel in a place. When we feel that part of our life escapes us when we arrive in his office, his office or his shop, do not hesitate to call a qualified professional to apply the necessary remedies and enter resonating with the place.
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How does a Feng Shui consultation take place?

Depending on the case, a consultation can be done in the local or at a distance, by sending the plan to a Feng Shui qualified expert “shooting stars”, it is to say trained in the astrology of the house. The problems and the feelings are studied together, then the consultant recommends various remedies and sends a complete study which takes into account the correction of the unfavorable sectors, the clarification of the place, the installation, the installation of the furniture and the accessories as well as the general decoration and ambient color.The setting up of the remedies is then carried out directly by the client. Personally, I then receive calls and emails from enthusiastic customers, all of whom tell me how much their lives have changed. Evidence in my opinion that Feng Shui can really bring much more than a feeling of well-being, but well to solve blocking situations and concrete problems!
Thanks to Annnaya Feng Shui!