How to build a studio?

Setting up a studio is a real challenge! Organize such a small space to make a cocoon, give several functions to one room, store without cluttering, it is possible. Here are our deco tips to help you turn your studio into a nice and practical home!


Our advice

– Delimit the spaces
– Choose modular furniture
– Decorate sparingly
– Bring light
– Cleverly tidy



1. Delimit the spaces

The biggest challenge to develop a studio remains the delimitation of the different living spaces. Enjoy a corner day and a night distinct, even miniature version, it’s already a lot. The goal is to create separations between different spaces, using deco tips. Shelving as a partition, nice curtains to isolate the sleeping area or better still sliding glass, the main thing is to keep transparency to clear the field of vision and breathe the room.



2. Choosing modular furniture

Setting up a studio is sometimes a lot of Tetris. The idea is to arrange the space in a practical way without depriving the necessary comfort. So we forget the imposing furniture and we prefer the modular furniture, 2 in 1 or 3 in 1: dining table-desk, library-partition-bar, sofa bed, etc. In a studio, nothing is lost, everything is transformed! The storage trunk becomes a coffee table, the cushions of the sofa also serve as extra seats and the drawer unit plays perfectly the role of bedside table.



3. Decorating sparingly

The hardest part of designing a studio is curbing its decorative energy. Even if you want to feel at home in your 30m2, you better refrain from highlighting all your favorite trinkets, turn your walls into an art gallery or overlay carpets for a cozy sitting area.To develop your studio, a single word: space. No it’s not a joke, the less you have, the more you have to preserve it. So we avoid overloading the decor, we select some beautiful objects and we breathe!



4. Bringing light

If it is necessary to avoid accumulating decorative objects to create a studio, it is however particularly recommended to multiply the points of light. Opt for elegant lamps, hang or preferably to avoid losing floor space. Nothing like a garland of light to illuminate the living room and create a warm atmosphere guinguette! To brighten your studio during the day and to enlarge the space cleverly, think also about the mirrors. Finally, always favor light furniture and linens.



5. Ranger cleverly

When you only have 20m2 available to live, eat, sleep, better to master the art of storage! No need to be a follower of Marie Kondo to know that a regular sorting of our business allows us to make room. The small surface of a studio does not lend itself to the accumulation of objects (or furniture), and yet requires practical and numerous storage spaces. The ideal is the integrated cupboards, to be able to store floor to ceiling. Otherwise, wall shelves and wardrobes also work, not to mention the many corners to optimize: the underbeds, the door tops or the corners of the walls.