How to choose your desk lamp?

Choosing a desk lamp is not trivial. To work efficiently and relieve your sight, opt for a desk light (LED or halogen) in direct lighting and adapted to your activity. Choose the best light possible and know where to place your lamp on your desk.



1. Work well lit
2. The criteria for choosing the right desk lamp
3. What kind of light to choose for the office?
4. Special case: luminaire and screen work
5. The location of a desk lamp



1- Work well lit

Having good lighting in the office area is essential. You will be more effective and focused if your sight is relieved, especially in winter, when the days are short, and natural light runs out. Whether for your sewing work, which requires attention to detail, or simply to work from home, facing a computer screen, take the time to list your criteria to not go wrong at the time of purchase.



2- The criteria for choosing the right desk lamp

A desk lamp should be practical. Whenever possible, it is preferable to opt for a swivel arm orientable lamp, with a swiveling head or retractable shade and which is adjustable in height. The idea is to be able to orient your desk lamp as you wish and therefore to adapt it to all your needs.
Plan two types of lighting in your work room:
– Direct lighting, oriented on the desk and the work area.
– Indirect lighting, elsewhere in the room, to promote a general lighting and therefore a beautiful luminous harmony.



3- What type of light to choose for the office?

To work efficiently and comfortably prefer “warm” and not too “white” lighting.Occupational medicine also recommends lighting between 2,700 and 3,000 Kelvin, which is close to natural light. Then you choose your preference between LED lamp and halogen lamp:
– The LED lamp: with bulbs lasting more than 50,000 hours, it is the most ecological of all. In addition, it does not heat!
– The halogen lamp: it is the one that restores the best colors. It is perfect for creative work. Its bulb lasts 3,000 hours on average, but heats a lot.
Tip : There are models of dimmable desk lamps that can be used to adjust brightness to all your activities.



4- Special case: lighting and screen work

Many of us work almost exclusively in front of a computer screen.If this is your case, opt for a desk lamp with asymmetrical lighting, which will significantly limit glare on the screen. For the most connected of us, there are now ultra-convenient lamps that can wirelessly charge our mobile phone by simply placing it on the base of the lamp. Technology advances, let’s take advantage!
Good to know : European standards recommend lighting up to 500 lux if you work with a computer.



5- The location of a desk lamp

A table lamp is the ideal fixture for a desk. But sometimes, the space runs out and the office is quickly congested. If you lack space on your worktop, then opt for fixtures that cling to the desktop or on shelves above.In any case, be aware that the light source must be placed at least 40 cm above the worktop for optimal lighting.
Good to know : If you are right-handed, place your lamp on the left to limit shadows when writing or manipulating. And conversely if you’re left-handed.