How to clean a plancha?

Vive la plancha and its homogeneous, fast and user-friendly cooking method, in addition to being used indoors and outdoors. No way to let it get dirty after each use. It is cleaned carefully to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. Instructions for use.


Our advice:

– The right utensil
– Hot cleaning
– Cold cleaning
– The interview
– The protection



1. The right utensils

You do not need to arm yourself with very specific utensils to clean a plancha. Whether it is gas or electric, steel, stainless steel or enamelled cast iron, even if the latter material is to be treated with more delicacy. The essential accessory? The maintenance spatula , supplied with the machine, followed by a sponge and paper towels. Side care products, washing up liquid and vegetable oil, even white vinegar.



4. The maintenance

A good cleaning of your plancha, you will have understood it, is essential to continue to use it a long time and to make that the cooking is optimal for the preservation of the flavors of the food. Never forget to clean also the parts under the device, the grease being able to be lodged, with a simple degreasing. Finally, the rust prevention tip is to apply on the plate, after each cleaning, vegetable oil using a paper towel.



5. The protection

A good cleaning of your plancha does not exclude to protect it correctly. Inside, it is less exposed, but outside, in winter, you must cover it with a protective cover. When you have to use it again, start a dry cooking, without food, to restart it, applying a little white vinegar to eliminate odors.