How to clean suede shoes?

Chic or casual, the style of suede shoes is inimitable. Provided they maintain them regularly! How to clean suede shoes? Which products to use? And for what uses? A quick tour of the thousand and one ways to clean your suede shoes …


Our 5 tips:

– Dust off your suede shoes
– Deleting the suede of your shoes
– Use a cleaning product for the suede
– The magic sponge works miracles!
– Waterproof the suede of your shoes



1. Dust your suede shoes

Your suede shoes are stained and you want to clean them? First of all, dust off your suede shoes, rubbing them gently with a scraper. This mid-soft, medium-strength bristle brush is the perfect tool to bare the suede of your shoes. Do not neglect this step! It is essential because it allows you to remove the veil that covers your shoes, making it easier to clean later.



2. Delicating the suede of your shoes

Once dusted, your suede shoes are not yet ready to be cleaned. You will have to deluster them first! Indeed, over the months, the suede tends to smooth under the effect of friction. He gets stuck and loses his thickness. To dislodge it, you will need to scrub it back and forth with a crepe brush. It is the standard tool for the care of the suede: it allows to rub the hairs without damaging them.



3. Using a cleaning product

After dusting and delustering, it’s time to remove stains from your suede shoes. For this purpose, use a specific cleaning product in the form of a spray. Spray about 30 centimeters in an even layer.Then brush carefully with the scraper, until the spots disappear. If you do not have a specific cleaning product for the suede, you can use one of the following solutions:
White vinegar: Diluted in hot water, it helps to clean the greasy stains on the suede. Apply it with a sponge, and dab with small touches.
Ammonia: It allows to overcome old traces, which have had time to become embedded in the heart of the deer. As with white vinegar, take care to dilute it in hot water before application.
The White Spirit: It is indicated for the most resistant stains, but can only be used on a small surface, to avoid damaging the suede of your shoes.



4.The magic sponge works wonders!

When it comes to cleaning your suede shoes, magic sponge gum can make you valuable services! His main interest? Eliminate stains without the use of chemicals, which could affect the suede of your shoes. For maximum efficiency, proceed as follows:
Put a dry cloth on the stain to clean.
Moisten the Magic Sponge Eraser, and wring it out to remove any excess water.
Rub delicately in circular motions, but without pressing.
Once the stain disappears, let it dry in the open air then pass the crepe brush to dislodge the suede.



5. Waterproofing the suede of your shoes

Cleaning your suede shoes is good, protecting them is better! For this, use a spray suede renovator, found in specialty shops.This product will allow you to waterproof the suede of your shoes, to protect them from external aggressions. Remember these tips:
The suede renovator must be sprayed about 30 centimeters, without insisting on a particular area.
It must be applied over the entire surface of both shoes, to avoid shade nuances.
The operation must be repeated once a month in summer, and every 15 days in winter.
Thus cleaned and protected, your suede shoes are ready to face your hectic days!