How to decorate a balcony in the bohemian spirit?

The sunny days come, and you will spend more time outdoors on your balcony. Here are some ideas for turning it into a bohemian hut.

A place of life in its own right, the balcony is an extension of the house where it is good to live and relax on sunny days. We have identified all the ideas to make your outdoor space a haven of peace with a bohemian spirit. Furniture, plants, decorative accessories and Do It Yourself, everything is there to embellish your terrace as it should. 

Furnish your balcony in a bohemian spirit

A bohemian decoration, indoors or outdoors, is a lot of improvisation. Let go of your instinct and pick here and there favorite pieces. New or vintage, here are some essential pieces for a bohemian exterior:
– An old wrought iron bed: the most beautiful effect. You can then cover it with small colorful and floral mattresses. Because yes, the bohemian spirit loves flowers and the mix of prints, so do not deprive yourself.
– A swing: the key piece of the summer to swing and relax.
– A bucolic bench: if you have a large balcony, it is effective to fill the void.
– Colored carpets: to be superimposed on the floor and to cover big ottoman cushions. Friendly effect assured!
– A rattan armchair. You can use and abuse rattan whose vintage look is perfectly in the bohemian spirit.
A hammock chair and a colorful cushion and the bohemian spirit seizes your balcony!

Vegetal for a bohemian balcony

If you tend to (too) love plants, do not worry, your bohemian balcony will not hold you against it, on the contrary. Start by installing plants with bushy foliage, ideal to protect oneself from the vis-à-vis. Opt for plants that require little maintenance and grow quickly like ivy, grasses or bamboo. Once your balcony is more intimate, you can then add touches of color with flowering plants, to install on the ground or in planters on the railing. Make sure to select several varieties that bloom in different seasons to enjoy the flowers almost year-round. Favorite for daffodils, daisies and daisies, all three very bucolic. And for the last vegetal touch, use your sense of smell by choosing plants that smell like lavender, thyme, verbena and mint. You can even use them in the kitchen!
For a bohemian decoration, plants are essential!

Accessorize your bohemian exterior

Once furnished and flowered, your balcony will need some accessories to complete its bohemian decoration:
– A small ladder in wood or bamboo: to hang the plaids during cool evenings, but also to climb ivy.
– A screen with floral prints: easily retractable, this accessory is very convenient to mitigate vis-à-vis or protect the sun.
– Lanterns and candles: perfect for summer aperitifs and festive evenings.
– A watering can: to quickly meet the needs of your plants.
– Baskets: to store your gardening equipment. Choose from a variety of different sizes and colors to make them truly bohemian decorative accessories.
To perfect the bohemian decoration of the balcony, lanterns and wicker baskets are in order!

DIY tricks for a bohemian balcony

If you’re not afraid of small crafts, here are some Do It Yourself ideas for a bohemian balcony:
– Create or customize plant suspensions.In macrame, rope, fabric, or wood … It’s the bohemian touch par excellence!
– Improvise a small herb garden in a wheelbarrow. Fill it with potting soil and dispose of your plants. Easy and poetic.
– Customize your balcony table. Paint summer colors of crates or small pallets to create economical and practical side tables.
To do it yourself or to buy, the macramé suspensions embody the bohemian spirit.