How to design a bathroom you will not get tired of

A renovation project in your bathroom? But how to imagine a bathroom in which you will feel good even in a few years? Follow the guide to design a timeless bathroom …


Optimize your bathroom space

Far too often, the bathrooms are a bit small … So, the key to a bathroom you’ll never tire of: imagine a bathroom optimized baths! How to build a small bathroom The Lapeyre experts gave us their advice:
Shower or bathtub? It all depends on your habits and your needs! If a bathtub is appreciated by parents of young children and all those who like to enjoy a good bubble bath on their way home from work, you must admit that a shower will save you space. You will be able to say goodbye to a mini-bath for a spacious walk-in shower …
Choosing the right furniture! Choose compact furniture – shallow furniture and slim bowls for better circulation – and hanging – for a much more visual look.In addition, consider using the walls of your bathroom with high cabinets! For a bathroom small but rich in storage!



Think of a bathroom that fits your needs

Before you start, one thing to keep in mind: small or large, the bathroom you will not get tired of must be before any practice and adapt to your needs.
Storage first: will you put your towels in your bathroom? Think of shelving in height that will allow you to welcome it. Think of a storage for your cleaning products – it is always useful for the household of the bathroom to have everything under the elbow. And obviously, there is the question of cosmetics. The ideal? Everyone can have a space to store their belongings. Drawers are a good solution: you can easily create separations with removable boxes or dividers so everyone has their own corner.For the decorative touch, add a few baskets in which you can put away make-up removing cotton, jewelry or other beauty products!
How many bowls? Think about how you use your bathroom. Each member of the family is on a different rhythm and everyone has his own moment in the bathroom? A simple basin will certainly be sufficient. On the contrary, every morning is the tornado, everyone wants to use the bathroom at the same time? A double basin will save you some arguments … Finally, whether you have one or two sinks, consider installing at least two mirrors in your bathroom. Beyond the practical aspect, the mirrors give a sensation of space, and give depth to the room. You would be wrong to deprive yourself, right?
bathroom renovation



Choose the color of your bathroom

Do not listen to the latest trends – do you want an ultra-violet bathroom? The color of the year 2018 … Just listen to your tastes!
Be careful however, take into account the specificities of your bathroom: for example, if it is a small room without window, prefer the light tones and limit the number of colors in the room.
The secret of a timeless bathroom? Choose tiles with timeless designs and colors that will not tire you. Our advice: the inevitable black and white duo, for a stylish bathroom to perfection! If you prefer color, have fun with the decorative accessories!



Details That Look Like You

Now that you’ve come up with a bathroom that fits your needs and looks timeless, indulge yourself with the details! They are the ones you will be able to evolve easily over the years and your desires …
Small accessories, towels and towel rails, bath mats, furniture handles – it is often forgotten, but the handles change very easily … In the same way, think about repainting the tile joints with special felt. It’s easy, fast and it changes everything!