How to detach a white garment?

Neutral color par excellence, white is a must in our wardrobe. How to maintain it so that it retains its brightness of the first day? What are the tips for dealing with stubborn stains? Thanks to our advice, your clothes will shine with an immaculate white!


Our 5 tips:

– Lemon, for yellow-white linen
– Detach a white garment with Marseille soap
– Baking soda, for a bright white
– Sodium percarbonate, miracle product!
– Stains embedded in a white garment



1. Lemon, for yellowish white linen

Prolonged exposure to the sun ends up covering your white clothes with an unsightly yellow veil. Often, these yellow spots are not evenly distributed, which further enhances the neglected aspect of your outfit. To overcome the problem, nothing more simple! Pour cold water into a basin.For each liter of water poured, add the juice of 3 squeezed lemons. Soak your yellow-white clothing for about 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly with clear water. Thanks to the acidifying power of the lemon, the yellow veil will disappear miraculously. This is an effective and inexpensive grandmother’s tip to detach a white garment!



2. Detach a white garment with Marseille soap

Marseille soap has no equal when it comes to giving your clothes their original immaculate white. Few are the stubborn stains that resist him! Economical and easy to implement, this trick eliminates traces of tomato sauce, coffee, or even fat. To detach a white garment, observe each of the following steps:
Rub the stain directly with the Marseille soap block, without wetting it
Let the soap sit in a thick layer for about an hour
Then lather with water and rub again, possibly using a soft bristle brush
Wash your white garment in the washing machine, without rinsing Marseille soap



3.Baking soda, for a bright white

Originally marketed in drugstores, baking soda has now conquered the shelves of our supermarkets. And his success is far from being usurped! Whether it’s cleaning up stubborn stains or giving your drab clothes their dazzling white from the first few days, baking soda always responds. And, best of all, it’s non-toxic and biodegradable! To detach your white clothes, you can use it in two ways:
Method 1: Dilute 3 tablespoons of baking soda in one liter of hot water. Use a sponge to dab the stubborn stains with your baking solution. And let it sit at least 30 minutes, in the open air.
Method 2: In a basin, pour 2 liters of hot water and add the equivalent of 6 tablespoons of baking soda. Soak your white garment for about an hour to allow the product time to work.
This method is particularly indicated to make its shine to a tarnished fabric over the years.
In both cases, it will be appropriate to wash your white garment in the machine, using your usual program.



4. Sodium percarbonate, miracle product!

Sodium percarbonate is a cleaning and whitening agent that can work miracles for the maintenance of your laundry! Although its properties are close to baking soda, it still deserves to be prominent in your arsenal anti-stains. It is particularly marvelous face traces of wine or grass, which are reputed among the toughest. Its use is very simple. Just pour hot water into a basin, and incorporate the percarbonate, according to the instructions on the package.The soaking time depends on the nature of the spots, and can vary between 1 and 2 hours. Once washed in the machine, your white garment will appear as new!



5. Stain on a white garment

Old stains are among the most difficult to remove. As time passes, these spots are embedded in the heart of the fibers of your laundry, making cleaning more complicated. To great ills, great remedies ! To detach a particularly dirty white garment, several solutions exist:
Hydrogen peroxide: It attacks dark spots, such as those caused by coal or dust. Apply it locally with a sponge.
70 ° alcohol: It is applied in the same way as hydrogen peroxide and is very effective in dissolving paint stains.
Bleach: Diluted in warm water, it will give your white clothes all their brilliance and brilliance. The ideal is to use the method of soaking in a basin for about an hour.
Of course, these products can attack the fabric of your white clothes. It is therefore recommended to make a preliminary test on a small surface, to avoid any unpleasant surprise. We are never too careful …