How to easily modulate spaces?

Separating without partitioning is the challenge of small spaces. This selection of separators will allow you to consider all the possible solutions to modulate your spaces to the envi. Retractable screens, sound curtains, wire curtains, Japanese panels, bookshelves … Everything is there!
Old wooden screen with shelves

This black wooden screen is dual: not only it serves as a separator, but in addition, it has shelves. Like what, partitioning can also help to save storage space!
Screen 34 bamboo stems

Ultra deco, this screen with 34 bamboo stems plays with its “nature” card to integrate with all the decorations. Ingenious, it will allow you to divide two spaces while letting in light.
Gray wooden screens

Removable, mobile, retractable … This wooden screen has everything good and blends into the decor to disguise discreetly an office or dressing room. Its gray color makes it elegant and neutral so that you can install it wherever you want.
Rideau separateur de pi├Ęce moondream
This sound curtain will allow you to partition while maintaining a comfortable sound level in each of the new rooms. In addition to reducing noise, this product is also a very good thermal insulator: ideal for separating a sleeping area from a main room.
Ridea son shiny plain

To separate a room, or simply partition a space, the curtains son are a simple and fluid solution that naturally creates a separation. This brilliant version will add a decorative note to your space.
Japanese panel white veils
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The Japanese are crazy: these panels in white curtains are installed on rails to be moved to the envi. They bring a clean and modern touch, ideal in small apartments where spaces must easily be able to modulate.
Storage Shelf enpin color oak

Compose yourself your partition by nesting as many shelves as you want! A custom creation that, once filled with books, plants and decorative objects will serve as a separator to isolate a desk for example.
Library matt white and wood floors

With its asymmetrical lockers and ultra-contemporary lines, this bookshelf can be used as a mini partition to isolate a corner office or room for example. A clever way to visually partition the space without heavy work!
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