How to enjoy its outside all year?

Braziers, outdoor heaters, heated parasols, auxiliary radiators … The editors have selected 8 functional and modern products ready to invest your garden to help you enjoy all year round. The cold seasons just have to stand: you're not ready to turn your back on your outside!
Heated outdoor patio umbrella black and gas
Once equipped with a gas bottle, this heating parasol will make happy. Thanks to its adjustable temperature, it adapts to all seasons, from cold winter days to cool summer evenings. Light, warm up and enjoy!
Halogen suspended radiator
No, radiators are not only for indoor use.The proof with this electric auxiliary heating, suspension way. Hang it on top of your outdoor table or your garden to enjoy your garden according to the seasons.
Halogen radiator for parasol
No doubt: this outdoor electric heater is likely to change your life. This little gem for garden clings to your umbrella. It thus remains protected, discreet and helps you to channel the heat. Design, modern and original, it has not finished warming up the atmosphere!
Outdoor electric floor heating
Well installed at the top of its long foot, this electric auxiliary heater will easily find its place in all gardens. Small and discreet, it will follow you everywhere to warm you up anytime.
Brazier on steel tripod
Elegant and original, this black brazier on tripod can both serve as a decorative element in the garden, but also an additional cooking area. What create a small camp of fighters in your outdoors. Chic safari spirit at the rendezvous!
Black steel outdoor fireplace
This black steel fireplace has been designed exclusively for outdoor use to warm you up, but also to decorate your garden.Surround it with two black loungers to enjoy the comfort!
Black Bubble Arms
Ultra chic and contemporary, this black and all round brazier will ensure the good atmosphere in the garden. Equipped with wheels in the back, you can easily move it, or rather, bring it a little closer to you.
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