How to lay pavers?

Difficult at first, but not so complicated in fact: laying pavers requires a good dose of meticulousness, a little rigor, but especially a good methodology. The editorial department of helps you, step by step, to create the driveway or terrace of your dreams. Explanations.



– Choose your pavers
– Prepare the pose
– Lay the foundations of your pavers
– Put your pavers
– Make the joints and tamp



1. Choose your pavers

You will probably be surprised by the extent of the “cobblestones” department of your DIY store. Colors, shapes, textures … The choice is wide. Once your favorite has been spotted and purchased, be sure to have all your pavers delivered at one time. Indeed, the stones are never identical, you will minimize the color differences by having you delivered suddenly. Harmony has only one palette.
Advice : before you start this small project, take a deep breath and consider all possibilities!
How to put paves choice



2. Prepare the laying

Once you have all the material necessary to put your pavers under your elbow, you can then proceed to the preparations. You will first need to put a counter-bump to prevent slippage of your pavers. Also plan a concrete pad (1 part of cement for 5 to 7 parts of sand). Then lay a row of pavers temporarily to determine the edges of your driveway or deck.
Tip : Plan ahead, noting all dimensions to help you, if necessary.



3. Lay the foundations of your paving stones

Capital information: always put your pavers on a draining ground. It will also be stabilized by covering it with a bed of sand (a uniform mixture of river sand and cement). Once installed, brush the stabilized bed quickly to avoid imperfections and obtain a uniform surface.Fill if necessary with crushed gravel to remedy the difference in level.
How to put paves allee



4. Lay your pavers

Start by preparing a laying layer (identical to the foundation mix) and spread it to obtain a uniform thickness of 4 cm. This layer is essential, since it will counter the thin differences in thickness of pavers. It will therefore compact only after laying pavers.
Then place the pavers one by one on this layer anticipating a small space for the joints. Be sure to lay the pavers at an incline of 1 to 2 cm per meter to avoid puddles on rainy days.
How to put paves finishes



5. Make the joints and tamp

At this point, your driveway, or deck, should start to look like something.Now pay attention to the finishes:
Brush the pavers with fine sand
Clean the surface well
Tamp from the edges and progressively toward the middle
Clean all floors with water
Admire the result!