How to maintain a lemon tree?

Do you hope to harvest some pretty juicy lemons on your lemon tree? Whether you live under the Mediterranean sun or in cooler latitudes, here is all you need to know to pamper your citrus fruit shrub. Watering, pruning, fertilization or overwintering, you’ll be sure to lick the lemon tree!


Tips and tricks

– The B.A.BA of the lemon tree
– Water a lemon tree
– Fertilize a lemon tree
– Prune a lemon tree
– Protect a lemon tree during winter



1. B.A.BA of the lemon tree

The lemon tree has everything of the Mediterranean star: it likes the sun and supports little the cold (-5 ° C approximately). This explains why it is found grown in the ground only in the South. Elsewhere, it can be grown in pots, with some adjustments for its maintenance. In both cases, it must be planted or repotted in the spring, after the last frosts.Do not forget to pamper your potted lemon tree with potting soil and excellent drainage.



2. Water a lemon tree

Watering the lemon tree is an important step in its upkeep, especially for potted shrubs. Water your lemon tree in pots every two days in summer, and less frequently in winter, especially waiting for the earth to dry between two waterings (the roots should not bathe in the water). In summer, you can spray water on the leaves of the shrub, including in the ground. To put the odds on your side and harvest Mediterranean lemons, lift your foot on watering in June and July!



3. Fertilizing a lemon tree

To produce beautiful lemons, the lemon tree requires regular fertilization, especially in the spring.Fruit trees grown in the ground will appreciate the provision of compost every quarter, while potted lemon trees can be helped with special citrus fertilizer just before flowering. A good way to help grow the shrub gradually and invite it to produce fragrant fruits, for your enjoyment!
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4. Carving a lemon tree

As with all citrus fruits, you must prune your lemon tree outside of frosts and before flowering. For potted lemon trees, a regular size helps control the growth of the shrub. The goal? Keep an elegant compact shape, allowing air to circulate. To do this, at the end of the winter, remove the dead wood, cut the branches that cross, and let the heart of the tree breathe.What to ensure the good fruiting of your lemon tree!



5. Protecting a lemon tree during winter

Unless grown on the shores of the Mediterranean, lemon trees do not tolerate temperatures below -5 ° C. Potted shrubs require special care during the winter. If possible, return them to a veranda or a cool, bright room not exceeding 10 ° C. If you have no choice but to leave your lemon tree on your terrace or balcony, protect it from wind and cold with a wintering veil, including around the pot.