How to make a room?

Arranging a room is not as easy as you think. Often small, this room of our interior must however be pleasant, well arranged and soothing. How to position the bed, which lighting to favor, vote for or against the headboard (or the bedside table) … here are our deco tips to create a room for sweet dreams!


The golden rules

– Position the bed well
– Decorate the room to your image
– Think about comfort
– Choose practical and discreet storage
– opt for flexible lighting



1. Positioning the bed properly

Which says the layout of a room, says positioning of the bed. Even if you are not a follower of feng shui, this must be your priority! Do not worry, nothing complicated: avoid positioning your bed in the middle of a draft, in front of a door or window. The simplest thing is to place the head of the bed against a wall, and to keep room to circulate around the bed.What put the odds on your side to sleep on both ears!



2. Decorate the room to your image

For you, the layout of a room boils down to white walls, light bed linen and the least possible furniture apart from the sacrosanct bed? If your decorating tastes tend to the purest and minimalism, then we can only encourage you in this way. One thing is for sure, we always sleep better in a tidy space. But if you like the merry bazaar, the color or the decor XXL, then treat yourself. The more the decor of your room looks like you, the better you will sleep!



3. Think about comfort

To create a room, you do not need too much. That’s right, provided you do not neglect some furniture or accessories essential to your comfort.A headboard first, to soften your nights and give character to the room. Bedside tables too, because you have to put your alarm clock and your book somewhere. And if you feel the need, do not deprive yourself of a soft carpet, some extra cushions or warm curtains.
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4. Choose practical and discreet storage space

If your room is spacious enough, you will have room to install a wardrobe, a wardrobe or even better a dressing room. The ideal remains to arrange a closed storage in the sleeping area. Because even if you love your impressive collection of shirts or pairs of shoes, you’ll enjoy entering a tidy and restful space when you go to bed.Closed doors, curtains or sliding partition, to you the Zen room and the businesses well hidden!



5. Choosing Modular Lighting

Contrary to what you might think, bedroom lighting is not just about choosing two pretty bedside lamps. Unless you like dimmed lighting, we recommend instead several sources of light, with different intensities. A beautiful suspension will bring charm and light, sometimes becoming the centerpiece of the layout of the room. And for a soft and relaxing atmosphere, dare the light garland or the mood lamp!