How to organize your makeup?

Make a beauty of her makeup space, it is organized!

Do you recognize yourself in this portrait? You value your makeup as the apple of your eyes (make-up) and you certainly do not allow your little sister to use it for the carnival. If so, there is a good chance that you are already super organized for storing your makeup. If this is not the case, there is a good chance that this article will open your eyes (painted) on the absolute necessity of meticulously storing your makeup. 

Why organize your makeup?

To find it: it’s as simple as that but when we have a fetish eyeliner, we would like to get our hands on it as soon as the need arises. Not to mix: each his lipstick and cold sores will be well guarded. As a matter of hygiene: no need to clean his foundation brush if it is to get stuck between a razor and a tube of unclosed lipstick. To avoid wasting time: at a certain level, makeup can take time. No need to lose more to look for his things.

Make-up and furniture option

It was common among our grandparents, less at our parents’ home, but it seems to be making a comeback for teens and young adults, I named the hairdresser. Appeared under the regency, this room furniture was intended for the toilet, the hairstyle and the makeup. Its organization has remained virtually unchanged: it looks like a desk with a mirror and several drawers. The modern vanity may have lights around the mirror to make makeup easier.
On the organizational side, this is actually the simplest solution. Still need to have room because the hairdresser still occupies space (not counting the chair that goes with). Another constraint: the budget because you have to pay at least 100 euros for this kind of furniture.
The dressing table is not necessarily romantic style, the proof!

Makeup option and small storage

For lack of space or means, you can also organize a well-defined space in your bathroom. On this side, brands (eg Muji or Hema) spoil us with organizers of drawers and small storage conveniently dedicated to make-up. Often they are offered in transparent acrylic version so you do not even have to open your drawers to find your favorite nail polish. You can also choose a mobile cabinet that takes up less space than a vanity: for example the Raskog kitchen serving in Ikea is often diverted into a small makeup kit.

Makeup and hijacking option

Young girls do not lack imagination when it comes to organizing and preserving their makeup. For example, one of the Ikea planters, the famous Skurar, has become the most used make-up pot for teenage girls. Thanks to some youtubous beauty, the inspirations to divert an object in makeup storage swarm on the net. We can find tea cups that serve as storage for brushes, glass bells protecting the most precious perfumes or candy boxes for storing mascaras.
Ikea planters to become a beautiful plant

Makeup and DIY option

For those who prefer to opt for self-help and manual work, there is also something to have fun.Starting with cardboard items that can easily be recycled: shoeboxes are turned into lacquer storage, round cans of cork dispensers to remove make-up and rolls of toilet paper in brush pots. The most skilled in sewing will be delighted to embark on the making of brush kit. For those who feel more comfortable with a hammer, they will find their happiness with small shelves to customize or even pallets.