How to polish a parquet?

Find all the editorial advice to wax your solid parquet step by step and in the best conditions. Maintain it at best and in the long run to keep it looking as raw as possible. Preparation, undercoat, waxing, polishing … Your parquet floor will shine!



– Why wax your parquet?
– Prepare the floor before waxing
– Apply a basecoat
– To polish and polish the parquet
– Make your own parquet wax



1. Why wax parquet?

Solid parquet is a noble material that requires a little maintenance, once or twice a year. By polishing it you will offer shine and style and help preserve its raw appearance and natural shine. In addition to making it beautiful, wax protects your hardwood floor from wear and stains. An essential treatment so if you want to keep it for a long time.
Tip : you can polish a vitrified parquet floor to give it a new look, which is not necessary for an oiled parquet floor!



4. Wax the floor and polish it

That’s it, after all these preparations, you will finally be able to go to the waxing stage. Be aware that parquet wax exists in liquid, solid or encaustic form. If you opt for liquid beeswax, you will need a brush for the application. On the other hand, if you opt for solid wax (to be melted beforehand in a bain-marie) or eucaustic, you can apply it with a cotton wick.
Gradually pour a little wax on the floor and spread it all over the surface evenly, using your bump or your cotton wick.Wipe off the wax layer with a soft cloth. Let dry 24 hours. Then apply a second coat of wax, following the same process, to complete your parquet. Let dry again 24h. Finishes side, you will then polish your floor with a woolen cloth, or a sheepskin, making small circular movements.
Tip : Be sure to start your application by the corner opposite the exit of the room to avoid stepping on the wax before it dries.
Tip : For large surfaces, there are electric polishers!



5. Make your own parquet wax

Do you want to make your own homemade wax? It’s possible ! The recipe is here. Be sure to respect the dosages, for an optimal and efficient shoe polish.