How to put a shower tray?

To create a shower area that fits perfectly to your bathroom, install a receiver first. This essential element of the bathroom is posed with the help of a professional but can also be set up by an individual. Dé presents the 5 key steps of this transformation for a guaranteed result without flaws!


The 5 steps

– The equipment you need
– Locating places
– The underlying work
– The binding of each element
– The waterproofness of the shower



1. The equipment you need

The installation of a shower tray requires the right tools to design an aesthetic and functional space. Here is the list of what you will need:
A shower tray. Prefer it with built-in legs to dispense with the creation of feet
An evacuation drain, it allows to connect the receiver to the drain pipe for water
Burning alcohol
Silicone sealant
Tools side:
One meter
A pencil
A level
A cloth



4. Linking each element

Once the connections under the receiver are correctly positioned, you can fix it permanently on the floor. The body of the drain and the drain hole of the shower now overlap perfectly.
Install on the hole the connecting element between the receiver hole and the drain. Usually made of plastic, this circular saucer ensures the two elements a perfect synergy.
Screw this accessory in just a few seconds with a wrench – the latter is included with most receiver models.



5. The waterproofness of the shower

All your elements are installed to ensure the proper functioning of the shower. Now you have one more last step, not the least, sealing!
Start by degreasing the edges of the receiver which are positioned against the wall with a cloth and alcohol to burn – or white vinegar.
Use a joint gun to place a bead of silicone mastic (treated fungicide) on the edge of the tray.
Your receiver is now ready – you just have to fix the tap of your choice and refine the decor to give it a bathroom worthy of the name!