How to put wallpaper?

Placed on one or more walls of the house, the wallpaper is trendy. Yes but here, not easy to launch when you do not have the dexterity and know-how of Valérie Damidot. To help you, the editorial tells you how to put wallpaper in 5 steps for a result worthy of a professional.


Our 5 key steps:

– Before applying wallpaper: the preparation stage
– Laying wallpaper: the cutting step
– How to put wallpaper? The art of gluing
– Place to pose wallpaper
– Some additional tips for a perfect finish



1. Before you put on wallpaper: the preparation stage

Before going head to head with your wallpaper, take care to prepare the site carefully by following the following preliminary steps:
Protect the floor: the floor will be protected with a plastic sheet that you can maintain baseboard with masking tape.
Prepare the wall: a smooth, healthy, clean, dry and even wall ensures better adhesion. The painted walls will be leached or sanded with glass paper. And no pity for holes, cracks and irregularities that will be masked with plaster.
Equip yourself with the necessary materials to put your wallpaper: marbling knife, pencil, ruler, wallpaper wheel and pasting brush, not forgetting of course the wallpaper and the wallpaper glue that will be adapted to your type of paper ( vinyl, non-woven, standard etc.).
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2. To put wallpaper: the step of the cut

Now that the wall is ready, place at the stage of the cutting of the wallpaper in bands that are called les. To do this, you must:
Unroll the roll of wallpaper: pattern underneath on the table to be lined or on the floor.
Take the measure of your walls: and take this step to draw the vertical marks that will allow you to position your first wallpaper on the wall.
Cut the wallpaper strips using scissors or a cutter: referring to the height of your walls to which you add a margin of 5 cm error corresponding to the cuts at the top and bottom of the wallpaper .
Do not forget to number the top of each wallpaper: your tiles will be glued in the right order and in the right direction …
Vigilance of bet with the pattern wallpaper which must be cut so as to be perfectly connected with that of the neighbor.



3. How to put wallpaper? The art of gluing

To prepare the glue and obtain a homogeneous mixture, read the instructions on your product. Be sure to respect the dosages and the break time recommended by the manufacturer to obtain the perfect consistency to stick your wallpaper.
For the application of the wallpaper itself, there are two installation techniques that are defined according to the type of wallpaper chosen:
Gluing on wallpaper: the operation takes place in two stages on a table to be upholstered. The glue is first spread directly on the back of the wallpaper using a glue brush. Then the wallpaper is folded folded on itself to imbibe glue. This is the most delicate pose technique.
Seaming directly on the wall: this is the easiest installation technique (but this is not a reason to relax the attention …). The glue is spread directly on the wall using a roller or a brush to be glued, taking care to insist on the angles. Non-woven wallpaper uses this laying technique.



4. Place at the laying of the wallpaper

After the preparation of the support (and of the building site), the cutting of the wallpaper and the step of the gluing, place with the installation of the wallpaper (finally!). />
Lay your first leg according to the markings preferably drawn along a door or window (to ensure the best possible verticality). The pose of the first lé determines the success (or not) of the operation. So put your wall paper starting at the top and stand back to check that the tape is perfectly positioned. If necessary, you can take it off gently to replace it.
Your east is perpendicular? The time has come to rub with a carpet brush. We specify for those who have not chosen the DIY option tray that rub is to smooth to adhere the wallpaper to its support. To make it slip, you’ll arm yourself with a wallpaper brush that you’ll use starting from the top and going from the center to the ends.Bye bye the air bubbles!



5. Some additional tips for a perfect finish

Once the first piece of wallpaper is laid, repeat the operation by gluing the second one (and so on). Finally, finish laying your wallpaper by looking after the finishes throughout the operation.
Beware of glue: for a flawless result, always keep a sponge or wet cloth handy. This one allows to pass the sponge where the glue has overflowed.
To the nearest millimeter: the strips must be laid in such a way as to adjust the patterns and leave no gaps between the strips of wallpaper.
Before the glue dries, if necessary, cut off excess wallpaper at the top (along the ceiling) and at the bottom (along the plinth) with a cutting wheel or of a cutter.
And now, to your rolls!