How to remove dry paint stains?

A stain of immediately cleaned paint is generally not a problem. However, once dry, it can be much tougher. If you’re facing a stain of rebellious paint, do not panic! Solutions exist to overcome them …



– Remove a stain of water paint
– Remove a stain of acrylic paint
– Clean up a stain of oil paint
– Clean a spot of oil paint
– What to do if the stain does not go away?



1. Removing stains from water

Water stains are among the easiest to clean, even when they are dry. Indeed, the absence of fixative product makes these paintings much more “clean”. To remove a water stain:
Impregnate with alcohol a dry, clean cloth.
Dab the stain gently and let the alcohol act for about an hour.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Renew the operation until the spot disappears.



2. Removing a stain of acrylic paint

To clean a stain of dry acrylic paint, the choice of the most appropriate method depends on the age of the stain and its thickness:
On a recent spot: Pour boiling water, then scrub vigorously with a block of Marseille soap.
On an old spot: The use of alcohol is often necessary. Let it work until the spot is completely dissolved.
In both cases, do not forget to rinse with clean water at the end of the operation.



3. Clean up a stain of oil paint

More resistant than water-based paint, the oil paint can not be easily cleaned.Do not worry, it’s still not mission impossible! To remove an oil paint stain, pour a small amount of local turpentine and leave at least an hour. Once the dissolved stain, gently rub the soap and rinse with clean water at the end of operation. That should come to the end of your rebel spot!
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The oil-based paint is known for its adhesion, regardless of the type of media on which it is applied. It is not surprising that it is so difficult to clean! To remove oil-based paint stain, mix equal parts white spirit and white vinegar.Dip a clean, dry cloth into this mixture and generously dab the paint stain. Leave on for about half an hour before rinsing with cold water. Guaranteed result!



What to do if the stain does not go away?

Occasionally, some dry stains resist all treatments. Faced with such a situation, remember these tips:
The heat makes it easier to clean a paint stain. Pouring boiling water can be very useful!
The use of a paint solvent is an effective solution against the most stubborn stains.
Scraping the surface of the stain allows better penetration of cleaning products. So, a little energy!