How to revamp the kitchen chairs?

To shake a decor a little too sober in the dining area, follow our ideas for makeover for the kitchen chairs.

Weary of your old chairs or want to change the atmosphere in the kitchen? If you do not have the budget to replace them, rest assured, we know some tips to give them a second life, to completely transform the atmosphere of the room! 

We revook his kitchen chairs by painting them

There is an air of Provence in this kitchen. The old granny’s chair, abandoned, will come back to life with a few brush strokes. A low-budget parade to bring a lot of cheerfulness into the room you found decidedly too rustic. You can also paint only the bars of the backrest or the feet, or alternating with another color to make more original.
Sunburn assured with a repainted chair in a bright color

We customize its kitchen chairs with self-adhesive vinyl

If your kitchen is rather sober, in neutral hues, wake up all by arranging around the table chairs of different styles for a mismatched trendy look . Turn one or more Formica chairs with Vinyl Adhesive in a jiffy. You can vary the patterns: flowery, graphic or acidulous. Beside other wooden chairs, they will give a lot of personality to the room.
It becomes easy to transform for good some chairs with self-adhesive vinyl

We’re revamping a kitchen chair with graphic effects

You’re getting tired of your molded-in formica kitchen chairs, so much so that they end up pale in your mid-style kitchen -modern half recovery. And it’s not really time to replace them. Bring a few pots of paint with the colors of your choice and big scotch to decorate them with graphic effects. Another tip: the masking tape can avoid you having to take out the brushes and you will also have a wider choice of patterns! You will totally turn these flea market pieces into arty seats.
The monotonous formica of these chairs takes a new youthful look.

We dress the fabric of the seat and the back of the kitchen chairs

Ringardes the two chairs 60 years bequeathed by the aunt party in America? Not so fast! Uncover the trendy coated canvas , such as these famous 3D cubes, and upholstery nails to cover the tattered skai that covered the backrest and seat. If the feet are in poor condition, finish with a little bomb of a matching color and you’re done. So, they are not pretty these new chairs alongside your design models?
A trendy print to customize a vintage chair.