How to revamp the kitchen table?

Mission of the day: revamp the kitchen table with a small budget. The editorial department of gives you 4 ideas inspired by home staging for an express makeover.

Old-fashioned, old kitchen table inherited from grandma Odile? Not so sure ! Resist the urge to get rid of it with a stroke of paint and some lifting ideas directly inspired by home staging. We are giving you 4 ideas to revamp your kitchen table and make it the new star of your home. Handymen of Sunday, to your tools! 

1 / Dressing up your kitchen table with paint

No furniture can withstand the rejuvenating power of a makeover by color, not even your old kitchen table being seen metamorphosed into a few brushstrokes. If white, powdery green and light gray are the trend colors of the moment, you can also opt for a patina.
Your table is light wood? So take the opportunity to give him a stroke of paint!

2 / A two-tone kitchen table

It is not always necessary to renovate the kitchen table in its entirety to give it a facelift. Painting only the tray (or the base) is enough to produce a wow effect. At your kitchen table the white base (or water green) and the plate effect gross!
The white feet of this kitchen table decorate the room.

3 / Socks to customize the kitchen table

No … No real socks! Painting the toes (and only the tip of the feet) is still the best way to revamp your kitchen table with a small budget. A light sanding and some paint remnants disrupt the codes of the kitchen decor in all discretion.
Socks for your kitchen table? Yes, it’s important to have your feet covered!

4 / A graphic board to revamp the kitchen table

Nothing like a graphic effect on the table top to revamp your old furniture. A pencil, a zest of imagination, a hint of paint or a collage and here is your kitchen table enhanced by a nice touch and colorful graphic.
With its new geometric shapes, you will no longer look at your table the same eye!