How to store your suitcase?

As the holidays approach, storing your suitcase is often synonymous with drudgery! How to arrange clothes to gain maximum space? What are the tips that make the difference? Zoom on art and how to optimize the storage of your suitcase …



– To save space in your suitcase
– To easier unpack his suitcase
– To carry your suitcase more easily
– Store fragile items in your suitcase
– Storing dirty objects in his suitcase



1. To save space in your suitcase

Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, saving space in your suitcase is always worthwhile! To optimize available space:
Roll up your clothes instead of bending: This method saves a lot of space, but it does not apply to fragile clothing, such as costumes or evening dresses.
Use Vacuum Pouches: These are bags in which you will place your clothes, before vacuuming with your vacuum cleaner. Guaranteed result!



2. Easier to unpack your suitcase

Your main goal is to make it easy to store your clothes once you’ve arrived at your destination? Pack your suitcase accordingly!
Classify clothes by type (the socks on one side, the tops of the other, and the underwear apart).
Place on the top of the suitcase the clothes you want to put away first.
Draw a sketch of the contents of your suitcase, indicating the location of each thing.
These tips will save you time when unpacking!



3. Easier to carry your suitcase

Did you know that storing your suitcase can help you transport it more easily? It may seem surprising, but it is a reality! Remember these two useful tips:
Spread the weight of your business evenly.You will avoid imbalances that affect the handling of your luggage.
Arrange heavier items near the wheels of the suitcase. Thanks to the leverage effect, it will seem lighter! Clever, is not it?



4. Store fragile objects in your suitcase

Nothing is more unpleasant than discovering damaged objects in your suitcase! Rest assured, a well thought out storage makes it possible to limit the risks of breakage:
Store the most fragile items in the center of the suitcase. They will be protected by two layers of clothing, one above and one below.
Wrap these objects in bubble wrap, to protect them from shocks.
Keep electronic items in your hand luggage, such as your phone or touch pad.



5. Storing dirty objects in your suitcase

It is recommended to store your suitcase by reserving a specific place for messy objects. This is particularly the case of shampoo, toothpaste, perfume and more generally of all toiletries. You will place them in a waterproof kit, which you will have in the inner pocket of your bag. If necessary, do not hesitate to isolate these messy objects with a plastic bag. Two precautions are better than one!