How to unclog a bathtub?

What’s more unpleasant than a clogged tub when you’re already late to attack the day. Fortunately, with some tips this annoyance can be solved easily. Follow the editorial tips to unclog a bathtub without the help of a plumber and keep your euros for you.


Our pipes:

– Before unclogging the bathtub: clean the exhaust grilles
– Unclog a bathtub ecologically: baking soda
– How to unclog a bathtub mechanically?
– Unclog a bathtub with soda crystals
– Unclog a bathtub: what about chemical unblockers?



1. Before you open the tub: Clean grilles

Over time, hair, hair, soap and limescale accumulate around the bath drain. To unclog the tub, we start by cleaning this filter consisting mostly of 2 or 3 elements:
The strainer or removable grid: which withdraws freely by pulling upwards.
The flapper: which unscrews freely.
The fixed bung or grid: which can be removed from the bath by unscrewing it with a screwdriver.
Once these items removed, you just have to attack the plug made of dirt, hair, hair and soap mixed … Smiley yuck. Smiley of disgust … And oh an earring!
For a perfect cleaning, we can possibly take the opportunity to clean the grills with a small brush soaked in white vinegar.



2. Unclog a bathtub with baking soda

Great favorite of the green household, baking soda, aka bicarbonate of sodium is very effective to overcome the blockages of pipe which obstruct the bath.
To unclog the pipes of the bathtub with baking soda, nothing more simple.
Heat some water in a saucepan or with a kettle.
Pour a glass of baking soda into the hole of the bath (previously cleaned so).
Dilute with warm water, possibly with a small glass of white vinegar.
Cover everything tightly.
Leave on (from 20 minutes to one whole night depending on the size of the stopper).
Your cap is normally dissolved.



3. How to unclog a bathtub mechanically?

Your bathtub is still clogged? Two tools can help … as long as you arm yourself with some elbow grease.
The suction cup, first, allows to create a pressure on the evacuation to dislodge the cap. To use this technique, start by plugging the overflow with a wet cloth. Then, run a trickle of water into the bathtub to adhere the rubber to the walls of the tub. Finally position the suction cup on the hole and pump firmly on the suction cup via back and forth movements.
The ferret is a plumbing tool that can reach particles and waste stuck a little lower in the pipes. To unclog the tub with a ferret, simply insert it very gently into the drain hole of the tub. And here we go for fishing for hair, dirt and other soap scum! He runs, he runs the ferret in the pipes of the bathtub …
DIY enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts can replace the ferret with twisted wire at the end (an old hanger will do) to make a hook.



4. Unclog a bathtub with soda crystals

You have cleaned the draining grates of the bathtub, left to act baking soda all night and used a suction cup, and yet nothing works: the cap is always the ! The water struggles to drain into the hole in the tub? Try the soda crystals!
Ecological household jewels, soda crystals, which are often confused with baking soda have an even more formidable effect on the recalcitrant plugs of the pipes.
The use of soda crystals to open the bathtub is almost identical to that of bicarbonate. It should be:
Heat a little water in a saucepan or with a kettle
Pour the crystals of soda into the drain of the bathtub
Dilute with hot water
Leave to act (1 hour or 24 hours depending on the thickness of the stopper)



5. Unclog your bathtub: what about chemical unblockers

The major disadvantage of chemical unblockers is that they use highly corrosive products based on caustic soda and other chemical acids.
In addition to polluting the waters of rivers, oceans and groundwater, these products are dangerous for the health but also for the PVC elements present in the piping.This is the reason why this solution of unclogging the bathtub is to be used only in case of extreme urgency. If your green conscience is in danger: prefer the help of a plumber.
If you decide to use a chemical to unclog your bathtub, you should read and follow the instructions on the package. Handling level, it is usually sufficient to empty the dose indicated in the shower drain and let act a few hours all night.
And that’s how to open a bathtub saving the plumber’s intervention!