How to unclog a toilet?

Incident dreaded, clogged toilets are for all synonymous with galley! We present you THE solution to solve the problem in a few minutes and avoid the use of the legendary suction cup.

The steps

– The necessary material
– Preparation
– Place to the action of white vinegar
– The pearlimpimp powder
– Daily maintenance

1. The necessary material

1L white vinegar
Baking soda powder
A cooking pot
A toilet brush
step off WC inspiration

2. The preparation

First step: we prepare the magic potion to unclog the toilet, a preparation of 5 minutes chrono, watch in hand!
In a pot or large saucepan, pour half a liter of white vinegar with a liter of water.
Heat everything to a boil.
Usable cold, warm or warm, white vinegar can clean floors, clean blackened pans, descale some elements but also unclog – whether for toilets or sinks.

3. Make way for vinegar

Reserve the mixture, and arm yourself with the famous WC brush – a painful moment to pass, but that will be fast we promise you! Although the toilets are clogged, it is important to cause movement in the siphon.
The action of the brush back and forth will generate a suction effect to prepare the bowl to receive the magical remedy.
Once the movement is repeated for a few minutes, pour the liquid into the bowl.
Allow the potion to work – at least 20 minutes, if you can all night.
WC unplug bathroom

4.Perlimpimpin powder

It happens that the cap present in the toilets is unfortunately particularly robust. In this case, the action of hot vinegar is not enough but nothing is lost!
In combination with powdered baking soda, the vinegar is transformed into foam to enter the emulsifying phase – an ideal chemical phenomenon to overcome clogged pipes.
Sprinkle the filled bowl generously with the water / white vinegar mixture with baking soda. Gradually an emulsion will appear.
This action will nibble the residue without attacking the toilet bowl to release the toilet.
bathroom WC unplug

5. Daily maintenance

To avoid the inconvenience of this type of cleaning on a daily basis, the toilets are maintained from time to time.Nothing is easier than a glass of vinegar once a month, to preserve the pipes, descaling and whitening everything efficiently.
Economical and ecological: we put everything on this magic product for toilets in good health!