I grew pholiots in my living room!

For home gardening enthusiasts and addicted to unique decorating experiences, mushroom cultivation has it all. Thanks to the new ready-to-use kits, all you need is a little water and patience to see oyster mushrooms and pholiotes growing in your living room. A surprising activity, tested and approved with the new Ready to Grow Pholiote Kit!
The Pholiotes kit ready to push


Cultivation of pholiotes, instructions for use

While mushrooms need a humid cellar and a beautiful layer of manure to grow well, their cousins ??Pholiotes have the delicacy of being significantly less demanding. A mixture of straw and wheat bran, of course, is enough to shelter the myceliums, which wait their cool hours in their cardboard box, and within the limit of the expiry date.
To start the culture, simply detach the cardboard tab and incise the cross-shaped plastic with a knife. Then fill the small spray provided with tap water, three small pschitts and voila. A real breeze!
Pholiotes maturing



Patience quickly rewarded

Then it remains only to expose the box in his living room or kitchen not to forget to spray a little every day. Then, for two weeks, you have to be patient because it is happening … strictly nothing. The land remains desperately wet and the pholiotes give no sign of life. And then one morning, exactly 15 days after the opening of the box, pholiotes, punctual foolproof, point the end of their hats. Oh surprise! But if you stomp on your phone to immortalize his first mushroom cultivation “home”, you still have to wait a little while the edges start to crack ….
The pholiotent come out of the box



The hour of picking

Then comes the moment to pick his mushrooms in his living room! No need for boots, rain gear and mushroom knife, a simple pair of kitchen scissors is enough to cut the feet of these beautiful pholiotes. A smell of fresh mushrooms tickles the nostrils and closing the eyes could almost be thought of as undergrowth. While the harvest is not huge, the experience is really fun and the kids love it!
The pholiotes are ready



A real taste of fresh mushrooms

Then head to the kitchen, where these delicate mushrooms, halfway between mushrooms and porcini mushrooms, just want to reveal all their gustatory finesse.Seared with olive oil, garlic and parsley, they are absolutely delicious and beautifully make an omelette, scrambled eggs or a pasta dish for four. And that little taste there, would not it be the unique flavor of the mushroom extra fresh, just cut? Unless it is the one, incomparable, food grown at home, with love and patience … In any case, we feasted!
The pholiotes are cooked
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Thanks to Ready to Grow for this great experience!