I want a friendly breakfast!

To get the day off to a good start, it is often said that breakfast is a must. This is the first meal of the day, which we take care to prepare, alone or with family, with the dishes and accessories that go well. Here are 8 ideas for a friendly breakfast!
kitchen art bowls set of 4
Never without your bowl! Whether for tea or coffee, you will love this set of four enameled porcelain. With mismatched graphic patterns, you can easily assign them to each family member or guest.
infuser glass tea
What if we drank tea seamlessly for breakfast? You will be seduced by this glass and stainless steel teapot with its rounded design, its integrated filter and its large size to serve the whole family at once!
fruit basket balançoire
No breakfast without fruits to fill up with vitamins! You were looking for an accessory to present them with chic on the table? This basket has it all: the alliance of stainless steel and bamboo, and its rounded design in a swing.
set of 4 glass bottles
At breakfast or brunch, we like to take our time and sip our favorite squeezed fruit juice, even after breakfast.You’ll love this set of integrated straw bottles with a little message according to the mood of the moment.
Square egg Egg Cuber
An egg that does not turn round? Amaze your friends with this original utensil to present your eggs in square shape. Just insert a hard-boiled egg into the mold and you’re done. It’s even the kids who are going to ask for more!
Crepe dosing shaker
Here pancakes, pancakes, blinis to vary the pleasures of family brunch! Bet this all-in-one dosing shaker becomes indispensable as it is convenient to measure, mix and stir the dough of your preparations, impossible to miss!
Felt bread basket
Here’s a basket that changes wicker baskets to accommodate hot bread.We like its elegance as much as its simplicity, its practical handle for the comings and goings, its material in felt and its color mouse for a smooth breakfast!
Get ideas for every room in the house here!