I want a spa session … at home!

When an immense need for relaxation is felt, there is only one thing to do: pamper yourself! And good news, to plunge into a bubble of well-being, just a bathroom and some accessories that can be found easily in the cupboards. Our complete program for a spa session at home!


1. We disconnect!

In order for your “home” spa session to have the same benefits as a real institute session, the first thing to do is leave your laptop, tablet and worries in the locker room. So we schedule our session one evening or a weekend and we do everything not to be disturbed: the phones must be off, the children at Grandma and nobody should come bother you under any circumstances!



2. We prepare the bathroom

The day before his session, we clean and store the bathroom from top to bottom. In case of trace of mold, it is left all night long cottons soaked with bleach to find nickels tiles awakening: everything must be perfect! An hour before his session, we put the heating (if it’s cold of course!), We put his bathrobe on the towel warmer, then we prepare a good book or magazines near the bath.



3. We prepare our care without breaking the bank

Side care, it is sorted in its reserves, and if it’s lacking things, we go to the kitchen to make it yourself. We prepare a facial scrub with sugar, honey and lemon juice, a scrub for the body with coffee grounds mixed with a little cottage cheese, bath salts with coarse salts and a few drops of oil essential or a mask with mashed avocado, lemon juice and honey … Used pure, egg yolk, egg white, honey, cottage cheese and olive oil s also use as a mask to nourish and refresh the skin. And for a dreamy hair, just a little coconut oil! Who said the spa should be expensive?



4. We get in the mood

Once the bathroom is hot and all the care is ready, it remains only to get in the mood! If the room is not lit by daylight, it is thought to sift the lighting with candles and candles placed around the bath.Side soundtrack, we opt for relaxing music, banishing radio channels interspersed with advertisements or news flash. Finally, make sure to diffuse a soothing scent with a scented candle or bath salts. And for a wow effect, we fall for the latest Instagram trend by floating orange and lemon slices in her bath!
relooking bathroom



5. We’re having a real moment of care

And now it’s time to dive into a hot bath … The water must be hot enough to relax the muscles deeply, and everything must be within reach to avoid having to take out a toe … After a few minutes of deep relaxation, we start by making its scrubs, then we let the masks by reading a good book … Happiness!
For those who do not have a bathtub, do not panic, just adapt a little ritual.The bath is replaced by a hot shower, alternating hot jets with cooler jets to activate the blood circulation and drain the toxins. Then complete the treatment with a facial hammam, placing his face over a pan of hot water in which you infuse some branches of thyme. Finally we let his face mask on his couch, it works also very well!



6. We land softly

At the end of the bath, we put on his bathrobe hot and let infuse detox herbal tea time to spread moisturizer from head to toe. Then we wear a cocooning outfit and warm socks and we continue to read his book lying on his bed or his sofa … Well, what if we start again next week?