I want to plant flowers in my living room

Sowing is magic! Just sow some seeds in a good soil, and with a lot of light and a little water, you get your own plants to replant in your garden or planters in the spring. In the good news is that even in the city and apartment, you can sow many varieties to bloom its windows and balcony easily and for three times nothing … Follow the guide!


How to plant flowers indoors?

In the countryside, gardeners sow certain varieties of flowers and vegetables in a greenhouse or under a frame to protect young seedlings from wind and cold. This is for example the case of tomatoes, which could not stand the night freeze and which need to strengthen before going to face life in the ground. At home, we can very well reproduce the conditions of the greenhouse by sowing near a window facing south, or by illuminating them with a specific lamp from morning to night.The seedlings are either in a box made up of several separate buckets, or in recovery equipment such as yogurt pots, egg shells or rolls of toilet paper. We add potting soil, plant the seeds, sprinkle with a spray, and wait!
Sowing box border = '0' /> <br /> <h2> When to sow flowers indoors? </h2> Early flowering is done from mid-February to late March, early April. The plants must be strong enough to be replanted outdoors in March-April, as they will unfortunately not be able to stay indoors for too long after they climb. It is therefore necessary to calculate the correct duration between sowing and transplanting, ask your florist or nurseryman for advice! <br /> Ideally, we consult the lunar calendar to sow in the rising moon period, and we choose a Nasturtium Flower



When should it be repotted outside?

Once the seedlings are raised, do not wait to replant them outside. What happiness then to replant her own plants in the planters of her balcony or window! Be careful not to over-water them so as not to drown them, and also consider offering your seedlings or exchanging them with your neighbors to participate in the development of biodiversity!



What if it does not work?

If the operation is simple, seedling emergence is not always guaranteed.So do not be surprised if it does not work as well as you would have liked, it is very common to “lose” his seedlings for one reason or another. In this case, it is always time to start again or to buy seedlings, saying that we will do better next year!