In summer, the Home Staging invites itself in your room

Do you want to update the decor of your room? Home Staging, economical and efficient, is probably the solution for you!

Summer is a good time for dating. On sunny days, a distinguished guest slipped into your room: Home Staging! How to create a decoration that takes care of your sleep? Can we build a cozy nest without thoughtless expenses? Discover the secrets of Home Staging, for nights in a dream setting …

The Home Staging to empty the room

You can count the sheep, nothing helps: you sleep badly! Morale at half-mast, you suffer fatigue as a fatality. Good news, the Home Staging can fly to your rescue, to allow you to spend better nights! Your battle plan for a restful sleep will boil down to one word: minimalism! Two nightstands, a chest of drawers and a cabinet are ample in the room. Another wise advice, avoid the accumulation of trinkets of all kinds: the more your space is congested, the less you will be zen before falling asleep. As you can see, to sleep well, make a clean space around your bed.
As recommended by Marie Kondo, avoid accumulating objects on your bedside table.

Home Staging: these colors that take care of your sleep

If Home Staging is interested in the harmony of colors, chromotherapy studies their influence on our behavior. Reconcile the two, for a decor that combines business with pleasure! The red, for example, has a strong stimulating power: you will be careful to banish this color from your room. To create a cozy atmosphere, opt instead for pastel shades and their soothing virtues. Last tip: blue is known for its ability to relieve stress. A thin strip painted on a wall of your room is enough to obtain the desired effect. So what are you waiting for? With your brushes.
For quality sleep, choose soft, enveloping shades.

Home Staging for a sleek design!

Let’s go back to the origins of Home Staging … Did you know that he was born in the 1970s in the United States? Its principle: the potential buyer of real estate projects more easily in a neutral and depersonalized environment. It is this simple and bright idea that you will use to redecorate your room. Do not overload your walls with personal photo frames! The advice may surprise, but is fully justified. The sight of your loved ones or the reminder of your adventures on vacation would prevent you from letting go, at bedtime. The devil is hiding in the details!
Decoration is essential! But be careful not to overload the room.

Soft lighting with Home Staging

The hour before bedtime is crucial: no bright light, if not sleepy! Mastering the subtle game of minimalist lighting, Home Staging will take care of your nights. Opt for wall sconces equipped with LEDs, which will diffuse into your room a subdued ambient light. Your choice will be preferably on contemporary models, with fluid and aerial lines. The plus: embedded son, so that your walls retain their appearance sober and purified . Learning to take care is an art!
Your room should be bright, but in the evening, prefer soft lighting.

Home Staging and Feng Shui: your zenitude cocktail!

To create the illusion of volume, Home Staging optimizes spaces by playing on the arrangement of the different elements inside. from the same room. Your furniture will travel! Take advantage of this redevelopment to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into your bedroom. Whenever possible, angular furniture will be kept well away from your bed so as not to sting your eyes. Another good piece of advice: do not have your headboard in the immediate vicinity of the window or the front door. Who would want to sleep exposed to the four winds? Your efforts will be rewarded: a well thought out layout is the key to a soft and enveloping atmosphere …
Do not put your bed under a window! A good home staging should allow you to move safely in the room.

Spoil yourself with Home Staging

For your bedroom, demand absolute comfort ! Here again, Home Staging only asks you to cajole, while avoiding you inconsiderate expenses. A shaggy carpet chosen in an unbleached shade will make an adorable descent of bed. What a pleasure to feel under your feet the soft touch of its long locks! For your happiness to be complete, invest in an alarm clock. Some models broadcast at the programmed time a soft and progressive light, which simulates the sunrise. Smile: your new decor takes care of you!
Maximize your comfort with cushions of different sizes and a cozy duvet!