Install an interior door in 5 steps

Put a door seems insurmountable? It is not so. With the right gestures and tools, you will succeed without difficulty. We describe here for you the steps to install an interior door, in the form of a door block, the easiest solution to achieve.



– Prepare the installation of a door block
– Choose your door
– Install the door block
– Fix the door block
– Realize the finishes



1. Preparing for the installation of a door lock

If the installation is easy, it requires first and foremost the equipment. Here is the list:
– a new door block
– a screwdriver drill
– one meter
– a handsaw
– a spirit level
– 5 mm wooden wedges
– screws and dowels
– two trestles
– a pencil of paper
– polyurethane foam.
The door unit consists of a ready-to-install kit that combines the door and door frame, a simple solution for those who want to replace an interior door.But beware, it is imperative for you, before purchase, to make all measurements of the door location, even if it is a question of replacing an existing door block.
door installation inspiration entered



2. Choosing Your Door

After you measure the width and height of the frame, you can move to a door block model. Take the opportunity to choose a handle to your liking, as it is often sold separately. Another important detail is the meaning of opening your door. It must agree with the layout of the room. Check which pushing, right or left, is preferred.



3. Installing the Door Blade

To install your door unit, make sure it fits properly into its slot. If the block does not go to the first fitting, place it on trestles, take the exact measurements of the location and refer to the door jamb amounts.Saw what is beyond. Then replace the block in the door frame, place wooden blocks to leave a free space between the bottom of the door and the ground then check with a spirit level its plumb, that is to say its perfect horizontality and verticality.
door inside frame



4. Fix the door unit

To make it easier for you, start by installing the door frame or jamb without the door. Take your screwdriver drill and drill three holes on each side of the jamb of the stud all the way up. Press the dowels into the holes and then, using the screws, secure the door jamb to the bulkhead with your screwdriver. Check the plumb with the spirit level again and readjust if necessary. Then reassemble the door to ensure that it opens and closes perfectly, without friction on the floor.
board installation door bedroom living room



5. Finishing

After fixing the stud, there may still be some gaps between the stud and the partition. You can fill them with polyurethane foam or plaster to perfect the fixation. Once the seal is dry, you will cut the excess foam, sand and paint to make the whole harmonious. You can now go back to the door and see that it is functional.