Invasion of animals in your decor!

Notice to animal lovers, it lacks a little something to your decor? Why not let our friends the beasts invade your home? Arty prints, pop-art illustrations, decorative cushions, playful accessories or overhead lighting: here is the selection for a decor that has dog.
Royal Peacock Cushion
In a bedroom or on the sofa of the living room, this velvet effect cushion will boost the decor of your room in the blink of an eye. Perfect for a cozy evening to read on the sofa, all with originality!
Rabbit table lamp in white wood
Light up your interior with this cute white rabbit lamp. It will find its place on the ground for a dim light in the living room or will serve as a night light in the room.Not smart?
Animal illustration art poster
Add a touch of pop-art with this whale illustration that will delight music lovers. It is often displayed in a child’s room or in the living room for a slightly offbeat decor.
Cotton door dog
This door dog in cotton and linen is as cabbage as practical. Discreet, it will find a place of choice in your room or in the living room to counter any winter air flow. Mission accomplished!
Rhinoceros decoc in white resin
On a shelf, a bedside table, between two books in a library or on a coffee table, this white rhinoceros is the deco design accessory you need to add character to your room.
Wooden fish statuettes
Give yourself a little seaside look with this set of three wooden fish statuettes. To combine with touches of blue and voila. Do you hear the sound of the waves in your bathroom?
Kitchen towels cotton black and white cat
This pair of two cotton tea towels printed with a black and white cat will bring a warm touch to your kitchen sparkling cleanliness: are not cats the kings of the toilet?
Taupe pea hen
Indoors or outdoors, this taupe polka dot chicken is perfect for completing a traditional country house style decor. Add more colorful animals to get more contrasts, but do not overdo it.
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