My bathroom in slow mode

Enjoy simple moments, take time, consume less and better, reduce waste … slow life is a lifestyle that is gaining ground. And with us, it is often in the bathroom that this return to simplicity takes place. By adopting simple gestures, refining the decor and focusing on natural and eco-responsible products, you are about to adopt a new philosophy. Here are some tips to help you slowly move your water in slow mode.


A minimalist decor

First step to add a little more simplicity in the bathroom: declutter. Having twenty towels in stock, dozens of products in stock, bulky furniture and useless items are clearly not compatible with slow life. We start by emptying the cupboards of all that is not used or more, then we throw the creams and shower gel on outdated dates and we give the furniture and small decor that we finally have more use.
bathroom pure white wood
For those who are starting to renovate their bathroom and want a minimalist decor, some tips:
Make simple!
Choose white tiles on the wall (square and small) but also on the floor, in larger slabs.
Bet on practical, clean and natural furniture: storage furniture, bench, wooden shelves columns for example.
Think useful and forget the decorative accessories that tend to quickly clutter the room.
Add one or two green plants adapted to the room.



The must-have

If you type “slow life bathroom” on Pinterest, it comes out three decorative accessories inseparable from a relaxing moment in the bathtub:
The rough wooden board . Retrieved from an old table or on a pallet, she settles to create a convenient tray on which a cup of coffee is placed and the reading in progress.
The candle . Perfumed, it is preferred in soy wax or bee and poured into a nice looking container.
The small plant . That confirms this need to return to nature. Placed on the wooden board or in a corner, it brings a vegetal and fresh note.
A little cliche, will you say? Maybe, but it must be admitted that the result really makes you want to bask and enjoy.
Raw wood board bathtub



Beautiful and natural soaps

Bathrooms tend to overflow with cosmetics. Packaged in many packaging, this is obviously not the best way to approach the “zero waste” goal. The most effective solution is undoubtedly to turn to solid soaps (yes, yes, as at the time, not just for washing hands) and eco-friendly.If the Cubes de Savon de Marseille are the best known, other soaps are also composed of 100% natural products and are equipped with pretty strings or leather laces to be more beautiful.
beautiful natural soaps



Bathroom towels with natural colors

Bathrobe, we always remain simple and minimalist. We prefer towels, rugs and bathrobes in plain and natural colors (white, chalk, gray, taupe …) rather than those with motley patterns. Regarding materials, focus on organic cotton, bamboo fiber or linens. Finally, they hang on pretty wooden hooks and stack them on the shelves of the bathroom.
bathroom linen natural tones



Wooden brushes

To wash your teeth, back, nails, body … opt for delicate natural wood brushes designed for each of your needs.In addition to being very functional, they are the most beautiful effect when hanging from a coat rack in blond wood or simply put in the shower or bath. The brand Iris Hantverk offers beautiful, made from natural materials and made by craftsmen blind or visually impaired according to the Swedish tradition.
natural wood brushes



Storage baskets

Who says minimalist decor says of course simple and natural storage. We turn spontaneously to baskets where bath towels, dirty linen, beauty accessories and hygiene products slip in the blink of an eye. Wicker woven natural or painted, or fabric with a structure in blond wood, they are multiplied as well for the aesthetic result as for the practical aspect they represent.
bathroom storage baskets



Natural accessories

Say goodbye to synthetic shower flowers and make way for new natural accessories for washing. The sea sponge for example, very soft and non-irritating, is ideal for baby bath but also for adults. You can also take a sisal scrub glove (all-natural fiber from Agave), which, used daily, also improves blood circulation and gives you a softer skin.
Ecolos and pretty, what are we waiting for?
natural sponge toilet glove