Our decorative ideas for the renovation of the kitchen buffet

How to revamp the kitchen buffet without changing everything? In wood, formica or laminate, here are 5 tips of home staging!

Your kitchen buffet looks gray, and you’re already thinking about replacing it … Wait! With some tips of home staging, you can bring it back to life. Laminate, wood or formica, here are our tips to give a second life to your furniture without breaking your piggy bank! We think paint, stickers, makeover simple and effective! 

1) Repainting your buffet for a small budget makeover

The simplest solution for restyling a kitchen buffet in wood, melamine or laminate is still to repaint it. It’s also more economical!

Whether new or vintage (like this nice buffet of the 50s renovated) you will need:
remove the handles sand to remove the varnish and smooth the wood examine it to see if it has any holes in the sealant or woodpulp, fill and allow to dry put an underlay and let it dry paint, with a special kitchen paint, resistant and washable (2 layers minimum)! and varnish if you feel like it! Also think about the blackboard painting : you can write your shopping list directly on your buffet!
And why not paint only the legs of your sideboard, or paint them in a different color? This decorative option guarantees an original buffet! 
Using stencils is a good idea to go further in customization!

2) Dress up your Formica dresser with stickers

Very fashionable in the 70s, formica is a laminated resin that reproduces wood, and is often colored. It gives a vintage look to your kitchen. You can still paint your Formica Kitchen Buffet , but it’s not the easiest way to paint: you have to wash, sand, choose an acrylic paint, varnish … specific method.

So why not bet on stickers? Inexpensive, they bring fancy to your kitchen. Plus, they are easy to put on (and remove)! You will find recipes, enthusiastic little phrases to be in a good mood in the morning, even shelves or cups of coffee … in short, stickers adapted to your dining space and that can customize your buffet at a lower price. 08712066-photo-buffets-relooking.jpg
MamZelle Turpentine completely revamps the Mado furniture of the 1950s.

3) Focus on the doors of your kitchen buffet!

First radical option: remove the doors . This allows you to create full / empty rhythm in the decoration, and to expose your dishes, if it is pretty. If you prefer to play on transparency, then you can add a glass, colored Plexiglas or even put mesh as on the dressers of our grandmothers!

Another option is to revise the doors with one or two colors of wallpaper or by painting patterns on your sideboard. A solid color for furniture and pretty arabesques or trendy geometric patterns in pastel colors for doors!

Finally, you can also choose new doors! Rather than change completely buffet, you will find in store (if the furniture is standard) doors more original, or colorful. Alternatively, you can also glue wooden or steel planks to your doors to give a more modern look to an old kitchen buffet.
Some paintings even dispense with undercoat!
On the left, a fence for the pantry. Right, wallpaper on the central door!

4) The customization detail that changes everything!

The handles we do not necessarily think about it, but changing only the handles can already give a real impression of novelty: we swap old against more modern, either in total look mode or by mixing different models in a bohemian spirit.

The light You can also play with light to make your side of the side of the modernity. Add a colorful neon for example at the top of your buffet, and it will give a new atmosphere to the room.

In short, bet on these little details that change everything but can also easily be changed. Do not forget, in decoration, nothing is definitive!
Have fun with the handles of your buffet by mixing styles!