Our tips for picking flowers in summer

Make your own country bouquets during the summer!

Summer is here and it revives a series of typical small pleasures of season! Eat ice dripping on our fingers, dabbling in the sea by scanning the horizon, leafing magazines during a sunbath … Among these summertime joys, of course, is the picking of flowers. To execute it in the rules of the art and to realize a true floral composition, consult quickly our advices. 

Picking in the summer: good to know

We love picking wild flowers. Yes but here, wild flowers are not the best suited to make a bouquet according to the florist Elodie Peyron of Lilas Wood, floral workshop specializing in plant environments near Lyon. “The flowers of the field, for example Cornflower and Poppy dehydrate very quickly and therefore do not last.” Elodie therefore advises us to favor the wide diversity of flowers present in our garden to compose a bucolic and charming bouquet.

Does this mean that we can not take away any memories of our walks in nature? Not quite, thankfully! The florist advises us to “glean”. In other words, pick up natural elements like wood, moss, twigs that will then participate in the composition of the bouquet. Keep in mind, however, that harvesting in the wild is subject to species protection regulations. The list of regulated and protected plant species can be found on the site of the National Inventory of Natural Heritage (INPN).

Another precaution after choosing the place: the time of the day. “Favor in the morning, in the cool, when the species are still hydrated by the dew because the sun in summer, they suffer and can not be as well preserved,” says Elodie.
Limonium will bring lightness to your bouquets

Picking in the summer: choosing the varieties

Among the flowers present in the gardens, Elodie quotes the Dalhia, the Rose, the Agapanthus, the Veronique, the Scabieuse, the Cornflower. To preserve a simple and rural spirit, she advises to avoid big flowers such as Hydrangea and Peony and to bet on an accumulation of small varieties to be completed by elements gleaned, but also by wheat, lavender or more aromatic herbs.

Picking in summer: the precautions

To pick your flowers, nothing beats a pruner that allows a clean cut regardless of the size of the stem. Choose the flowers taking into account their hatching stage. Buttons should not be too tight or blooming as the flowers may not open or the bouquet will last for a few days. A country bouquet consists of small flowers; you can vary the colors without risking the lack of taste. Nevertheless if you prefer to play the security, the florist of Lilas Wood advises you to stay on a shades of colors (pink, red, blue …). After cutting your plants, protect them for transport: slide the ends of the stems into a damp cloth and then wrap them with newspaper so that they do not spoil. Another even more effective technique: put them in a container of water!
And why not bouquets of dried flowers?

Picking in summer: making the bouquet

Your plant finds brought back home, it is now time to make your bouquet: “Place the high varieties in the center and the bass on the side”, recommends Elodie.For that, do not hesitate to re-cut the beveled stems with secateurs. “A perfect cut should be approximately 45 degrees,” says the florist. “The advantage of the country bouquet is that the decorative possibilities are endless,” she adds. “Replace the classic vase with a jug of milk, a vintage carafe, a zinc bucket, you can also multiply containers and divide your flower arrangement into several small bouquets.” To complete the authentic and wild side, finally integrate the elements gleaned in nature.
The roses of the garden are highlighted in an accumulation of small containers

Picking in the summer: keeping the bouquet

The ideal location for your bouquet? “Not too close to a heat source,” recommends the founder of Lilas Wood. The maintenance of the bouquet is also essential. “The container must be perfectly clean before use and no leaf should soak in the water to the risk of polluting it and prevent the plants from hydrating.” Change the water regularly that is to say every day or every other day. ” Finally, to prolong the pleasure, do not hesitate to rebuild your bouquet by removing the faded varieties as and when. Good to know: varieties such as Limonium, Lavender, Rosemary or Statice dry but do not fade: they can be kept for a long time “by blowing on it from time to time to dust off”, details Elodie.  With all these precautions taken at the time of picking but also during the production and maintenance of the bouquet, your fresh flowers can be kept between one to two weeks.

Thank you to Elodie Lilac Wood for his valuable advice!