Renovate and relook kitchen shelves

Are your kitchen shelves gray? Here are 4 deco tips to revamp your storage and reboost your kitchen shelves with a small budget.

You want your kitchen shelves to be more modern but you do not have the budget to revise the whole thing? Do not panic, sometimes just a few deco tips to reboost simple shelves and give a new look to your kitchen. All without breaking the bank … We tell you everything. 

Paint to renovate my kitchen shelves

To revive your kitchen shelves quickly, efficiently and cheaply, there’s no secret. You will have to invest in one or more pots of paint and take out your best brush to get your hands dirty.

Whatever the materials of your storage furniture, there are many special paints perfectly adapted to renovate your kitchen shelves . Do not hesitate to dare the pop acid colors like citrus palettes, pastel shades or more energetic colors such as electric red, apple green or fuchsia pink. The addition of color will bring a second youth to your kitchen and your shelves, and all for the price of a pot of paint. Be careful though not to overdo it.
A dark paint stroke in the recess of the shelves makes them stand out!

Masking tape for an express makeover of my shelves

You want to bring a touch of originality to your kitchen shelves? The masking tape is a simple, fast and inexpensive tip to revamp and personalize your kitchen storage.

Arty prints, flat colors, pastel patterns, fluo: you’ll be spoiled for choice. This decorative accessory will easily adapt to all styles and bring your kitchen to life in the blink of an eye. Give free rein to your creativity and do not hesitate to give different reasons for your old shelves to become real decorative elements in the heart of the kitchen.
In seconds and effortlessly, your shelf is metamorphosed: long live the masking tape! (Source)

The tip of Ikea hacks for your kitchen shelves

So yes, you may find your pretty Ikea minimalist furniture in the living room of the neighbors … Unless you customize them as you please. Ikea hacks, do you care? But if you know this trend that has the concept of relooking and diverting Ikea furniture according to your desires!

So for original, low-cost kitchen shelves, turn round decorative shelves into shelves by securing them to the wall, your Ikea bookshelf for dishes or even wooden magazine racks to store your spices. Not bad, no? 

Wallpaper to revamp your kitchen storage

To give a retro twist to your kitchen shelves , opt for wallpaper with acidulous prints. Try to cover the inside of the cupboards or their ends with a pop tapestry to add character and bring out the decor of your kitchen. For example, we think of bohemian prints, plant motifs or wallpaper a bit more retro.

To give relief to your kitchen shelves, we strongly recommend tints of acid colors or wallpaper like metal like copper or bronze. The perfect tip to bring your kitchen to life on a budget .
Only for shelves or the entire wall, the wallpaper is effective!