Rose millennial : comment l’adopter ?

Seen and reviewed on the podiums and on the stands of Maison & amp; Purpose, the pink millennial or “pink quartz” is elected Pantone color in 2016. If the mayonnaise did not take right away – it is also often the case with the hues elected – it is found this summer at four corners of the decor sphere. This powder pink, tinged with beige and which pulls slightly towards the salmon, puts his suitcases in all the rooms of the house. Even the garden is not spared! Take a look at the best ideas for a place at home.


In wall painting

Leaving the millennial rose at home, do not do things halfway! In a living room, in an entrance or even in a room, choose a wall and choose to paint it totally in this powdery hue. Most: it is easy to associate with a duck blue, a terracotta or a deep gray. As for brass, they can not, so to speak, live without one another.
pink wall millennial living room



At table!

With the return of the beautiful days, our desires for summer tables are felt. To satiate them, nothing like a little powdery pink served in two ways. Either in linens, tablecloths and light towels, accompanied by white plates. Or in white tablecloth version with fine stripes dotted with delicately cracked plates in pastel colors. Not to mention the golden cutlery that suits them perfectly!
pink tablecloth pink plates



In the children’s room

Without falling into the too girly side, the millennial rose obviously likes in the room of the smallest. In bed, shelf, plaid, cushion or rug, it cohabits nicely with taupe colors, green water, blue cloud or even blond wood.
pink millennial children's room



In a sofa

Choosing a sofa is not to be taken lightly. Centerpiece of the salon, place of relaxation and reunion, it must be as comfortable as pleasant to watch. And since the millennial rose is indeed the color of the moment, we can only crack for a fabric model that wears so well. Small board cushion side: dare a mix of plain and graphic patterns in coral and terracotta shades.
pink fabric sofa



In bath linen

The bathroom does not escape the millenial rose. When the latter has a clean and natural look, towels and pastel carpets come to enhance it all.The key to success: play it sparingly!
Pink Millennial Bath Linen



In the kitchen

Do you like pink? The “millennial pink” trend is probably the ideal excuse to try to convince your other half to opt for this color in the kitchen. If you master the art of persuasion, opt for lacquered furniture with contemporary finishes. Otherwise, try your luck with home appliances! Fridge, baker, blender, cooking piano … brands such as Smeg, KitchenAid or Aga have made it a specialty.
fridge pink kitchen smeg



In Bed Linen

When the sun’s rays caress the walls and the smell of freshly cut grass scents the air, it’s time to activate the “spring” mode On the parental room.For this, we head without fear to the linen linen bed linen, light and airy, which brings softness and serenity. And what about the millennial pink color that illuminates the room just installed?
pink linen linens millennial



With a designer piece

Millennial pink furniture, yes. In the design room, even better! And that’s good, because we’re spoiled this summer. If we never tire of showing off the bright aspect of Ferm Living, we also felt our heart pounding when our eyes landed for the first time on the armchair Arco designed by Masquespacio for Houtique. That anyone who does not imagine in full Wes Anderson’s scenery raises his hand!
vintage millennial armchair and screen



By small touches

This is probably the easiest way to adopt it: bet on small accessories.On the sofa for example, there are one or two cushions and a plaid in angora or cashmere. On the desk, we opt for a small lamp and a nice pencil. In the dining room, we play the mismatched card with a pink velvet chair associated with wooden models. Finally, why not multiply powdered vases in different shapes and sizes on the windowsill?
pink cushions millennial



In the garden

No way to miss the trend, even in the garden! For outdoor, we avoid of course the total look, and we favor one or two pieces that will make the difference. For our part, we are totally in love with the garden hose of the Swedish brand Garden Glory. Another idea to make a small place in the millennial rose on the terrace: bet on an Acapulco chair to give a little pep to a garden in neutral colors.
tuyau d'arrosage fauteuil acapulco