Selection for a modern and refined kitchen

Having a modern and refined kitchen means choosing light colors, simple aesthetics, natural structures, functional features and minimalist accessories. To succeed, follow the editorial selection of writing … All in the kitchen!
Scandinavian Chair Gouja gray
Before starting this selection, sit on the soft seat of the chair Gouja … Clean curves, simple design, purity of lines and warm shapes from the great north … We feel immediately at ease!
Scandinavian style dining table
Enjoy the conviviality of a modern and refined kitchen to sit around a beautiful Scandinavian style dining table. For us it will be warmth of wood and simplicity of natural lines.You will take the same thing?
Black suspension Brasilia
To enlighten your dinner, what better than this black suspension with curved lines and clean? Its black lacquered finish (on the outside) and white (on the inside) is at the deco what salt and pepper are in the kitchen …
Non-removable cushion in plain cotton
We continue with a nice cushion in pure cotton … The perfect accessory to dress up the modern kitchen and purified with a touch of color and dynamism. It is not because you are an outstanding chef that you are not entitled, you also to a comfortable seat … no but!
Scandinavian banquette linen canvas
A beautiful dress in linen effect, feet in natural wood, simple shapes and rounded … Here is the signature of this warm Scandinavian bench that communicates wonderfully with the most modern and clean kitchen.
Cup and coffee cup Galet
How to speak of modern and refined kitchen without evoking porcelain dishes? This set of 6 cups and coffee mugs with organic shapes has all the ingredients to awaken the arabica of your decor. And that is strong coffee!
Ceramic pot Tassos
For a big and beautiful effect, put this little ceramic pot in the center of the table. Its powdery pink color and its marbled look make it the object of choice to complete the decor of a modern and refined kitchen.
Concrete pouch
We finish this decorative selection on a raw and mineral note. This empty pocket made of concrete craftsmanship sprinkles the decor of your kitchen modern and sleek curves anthracite gray very noticed.
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