Slow life, slow food, slow deco: what if we slow down?

There may be no “Planet B” but there are some nice ideas on the side of slow decoration … And if we slow down?

Slow life, slow food, slow travel, slow design … No area escapes the trend of slow movement, not even the decor that electrifies the followers of sustainable and responsible consumption. Want to do your part in the fight against melting ice? Some ways to go slow deco! 

Better thinking about the decor … to better heal the world

Worthy heir to the slow food movement launched by Carlo Pietrini at the end of the 80s, slow deco promotes a slow decoration which breaks with the logic of overconsumption and mass production to put nature and men at the heart of the concerns. The idea? Take the time to think of its decor to better heal the world … In a world where the reduction of the ecological footprint is more than vital, the slow deco keeps getting faster! 08742450-photo-idea-deco-slow-life-slow-decoration. jpg
First ingredients: a refined and functional decoration and natural materials!

A few simple gestures to go slow deco

The slow deco passes by simple gestures, which, if they oppose the logic of immediacy that permeates our lives, remain nonetheless imbued with aesthetics …

Better select his furniture, Privilege unique pieces and objects that carry emotions, Promote natural materials (wood from eco-managed forests, organic textiles …), Get upcycling and / or DIY, Adopt the art of minimalism at home, Support local crafts, Browse flea markets, flea markets, garage sales and sales depots, Invite nature into its interior. So many ways to go slow deco simply, naturally, durably …

Neutral tones, green plants, noble products … The slow deco is also a matter of taste!

Fast or slow deco?

On the one hand, slow deco praises the eulogy of slowness. On the other hand, the fast deco meets a lifestyle more under pressure by offering furniture and accessories practical and “cheap”. The adept of the fast decor will put on furniture of dining room in kit and wood chipboard to arrange its interior. It will accessorize everything with objects often manufactured at the end of the world …

The supporter of slow deco will not hesitate to pimper the dresser of Uncle Louis and to hunt a vintage suspension at the flea market (or at a creator of district). It will finally crack on a solid wood table Made in France that he will keep well until the end of his days …
Recover ‘and DIY are excellent reflexes for a deco in slow mode!