Some decorating ideas for a shabby chic salon

Cozy, timeless, elegant and romantic, the Shabby chic style plunges us into a world full of sweetness, dream and delicacy … Demonstration with this selection for a Shabby chic salon to copy at home.
Antique white metal chandelier
Light on the Shabby chic lounge with this pretty white metal chandelier that seems all out of Aunt Odile’s attic. The combination of white, metal and curved scrolls make the Shabby chic style shine from wall to ceiling.
Wooden chest coffee table with casters
A touch of bohemian, a touch of vintage, a hint of patina, a pinch of light, an impression of old … With this wooden trunk table, shabby chic style rolls like clockwork.
Console in natural wood
A bright and patinated dress, moldings with the charm of the old, a semblance of scratches … Here is the signature of this console in natural wood that communicates wonderfully with the interiors in Shabby chic style.
Set of 3 shabby gray hexagonal wooden boxes
With its old-fashioned look, vintage look and pretty patina that’s a family heirloom, this set of 3 hexagonal storage cases floats inside the air of Shabby Chic.
Versailles horse chestnut beech chair
How to talk about Shabby chic style without mentioning the classic beige fabric medallion chair? We believe it came straight to Versailles … Nay!
2 seater sofa Mayfair beige
Padded backrest, fabric upholstery, beautiful height, natural shade and elegant lines … this 2-seater sofa pays tribute to the English cottage spirit so (shabby) chic! The tone of the selection is given. Sit down, please!
Industrial clock in beige beige
Tic, tac, tic, tac … We finish this decorative selection on a touch of nostalgia. Aged look, cream color, Arabic numerals: Time stops on the Shabby chic style with this warm industrial metal clock.
The clock is ticking but not the happy days of Shabby chic. Want to go back in time? The complete selection for a shabby chic decor is here.