The 5 steps to repaint a ceiling

If we often think of painting the walls to decorate a room, we often forget the importance of painting its ceiling! But how to paint a ceiling easily? Dé gives you 5 tips to paint your ceiling without leaving unsightly traces!


5 steps to repaint a ceiling

– Choose your paint well
– The right material to paint a ceiling
– Protect the room before painting the ceiling
– Clean and prepare the ceiling
– The right gestures to paint a ceiling



1. Choosing a good painting

There are special paints for ceilings: acrylic or glyceros, they will be glossy and matte, to hide small imperfections. The advantage: they do not drip!
On the color side, white is a sure value that makes the room brighter but be careful not to take too clear: prefer off-white, beige or eggshell.Especially if the walls of your room are dark. But a dark painting can also have a real decorative effect. Namely: a dark color can give the impression of reducing the height under ceiling. Think about it!
Painting ceiling step inspiration



2. The right material to paint a ceiling

To paint your ceiling, you will need specific equipment:
1 ceiling paint
1 or 2 tarpaulins
1 ladder or ladder
1 cleaning kit (basin, sponge, detergent and clean cloth)
1 thick, short-haired anti-drip roller with telescopic boom
1 paint tray with drying rack
1 wide brush for finishing
1 flat brush
1 wide masking tape
gloves and 1 outfit that does not fear anything.



3. Protecting the room before painting the ceiling

The ideal way to repaint a ceiling is to do it in an empty room, moving the furniture to another room.In this case, simply cover the floor with the tarpaulin, and fix it on the sides with the adhesive.
If some furniture is too heavy or bulky, then plan several tarpaulins: for the floor and to cover the furniture. Also protect windows, skirting boards and moldings. If you do not have a tarpaulin, think of newsprint or fabric (an old sheet will work very well).
Painting ceiling



4. Cleaning and preparing the ceiling

To avoid hanging dusts when painting, it is better to first wash the ceiling with soapy water. Clean it thoroughly, and wait for it to dry before painting.
Put your protective tape on the baseboards, moldings and the top of the windows.
If your wall has irregularities, cracks or holes, it will first need to be covered.
Also bring sandpaper to sand lightly if necessary.
Tips paint ceiling



5. The right gestures to paint a ceiling

To paint your ceiling like a pro:
apply an underlay before painting, to help the paint to adhere
with a flat brush, clear the corners in a regular layer
with the telescopic roller, cover the ceiling with paint, either zigzagging or crossing the passes
do not press too hard on the roll to avoid traces and imperfections
do not put too much paint
cover the entire ceiling, then iron your zigzags in straight lines to smooth.
pass a second coat if necessary.
Once started, it is better to finish the ceiling in a row to avoid the boundaries! You will spend a possible second layer when the first one will be very dry.All you have to do is gently remove the masking ribbons and do some retouching if necessary.