The 8 must-haves of your rustic bathroom

Deliciously retro and a bit old-fashioned, the rustic style looks great in a bathroom! His recipe? Noble materials such as wood or stone, and harmonious lines that reflect the codes of yesteryear. A faultless bathroom for a comfortable and attractive bathroom …
Double washbasin cabinet rustic bathroom
No need to wait for your turn for the morning toilet, thanks to this clever piece of furniture equipped with a double bowl! In true oak wood, it will perfectly embody the rustic style in your bathroom. A piece of character!
Wall lamp Swan bathroom rustic bathroom
In a rustic-style bathroom, nothing prevents you from integrating more modern elements borrowed from the industrial decoration.For example, go for this simple and minimalist gooseneck wall lamp. A must-have!
Bathtub island rustic bathroom
This freestanding bath tub with lion’s legs alone illustrates the spirit of rustic style applied to the bathroom universe. Elegant and refined, it has the irresistible charm of the furniture of the belle époque. A classic!
Towel rack rustic bathroom
A comfortable and attractive bathroom should bring you all the amenities you need every day. This will certainly be the case with this towel holder made of forged metal and porcelain. Noble materials for a rare elegance!
Metal storage basket rustic bathroom
Introducing a touch of modernity in a rustic bathroom is a clever way to play the card of contrasts. For a daring style that blends eras, opt for this wired metal storage basket. Success guaranteed!
Wall-mounted bathroom mirror rustic
Majestic is the best term for this beautiful wood and aluminum wall mirror! Its delicate lines perfectly reflect the codes of the rustic style. An accessory that will easily find its place in your bathroom!
Rustic bathroom photo frame
With this photo frame, make room for the faces of those you love in your bathroom! Its sober design and its nuanced colors give it a discreet charm that can not be resisted.A must do not miss!
Laundry basket rustic bathroom
A bathroom is so much more comfortable and attractive that it is tidy! To achieve your goals, trust this pretty laundry basket equipped with its clever cotton bag. Thanks to him, finished the clothes that strew the ground …
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