The bathroom is a makeover

Whether it’s renovations or just a touch of paint, it’s time for a change in the bathroom and deco is important. Accessories, objects, small furniture, discover in eight ideas as it is simple for her to get a makeover!
White soap dish terrazzo
Terrazzo is everywhere, a material made of cement and crushed marble, then tinted and sanded to make it smooth. Trend in accessories, like this off-white soap dish. You will like its simple design rounded very zen attitude!
Bento Tile Stickers
A real bluff that this set of ten stickers! They perfectly imitate bathroom tiles in trendy patterns.Resistant to water, they are easy to install and allow to change the decor in the blink of an eye at a lower cost!
Colored straw bathroom basket
There is always a need for small storage space in the bathroom for beauty and hygiene accessories. This batch of baskets has everything to please: a vitaminized color, a light material and three different sizes to fit everything.
Quadra white terrazzo bathroom washbasin
Like the soap dish from Ocean Line’s range, this rectangular basin is made of terrazzo, a key material of ancient Rome. It has a charm, even more when it is associated with wood, like water-resistant teak.
Bamboo Towel Scale
Want a bathroom with sober and authentic decor? This ladder made of bamboo stems is likely to contribute to it.You will love its sobriety and elegance as its exotic effect to hang your towels.
Rattan bin and metal
And why not rattan in the bathroom? This natural material is ultra trendy. It is found in coating this metal trash that we like to match a mirror in the same tone for a natural atmosphere.
Streaked gray goblet
Mini price for this original cup and ultra light! It slips neither seen nor known around the sink for your toothbrushes and toothpaste. Its striated material allows a good grip and comes in many colors to brighten the room.
Marine bath mats
At the foot of the bath, this bath mat inspires a dip in the sea.You will love its marine color, its generous rectangular shape and its softness that invites relaxation. So coordinate your towels for a holiday spirit!
It’s not over, find other decorating ideas for the bathroom here!