The dream catcher, indispensable in the nursery

Decidedly, Amerindian culture continues to influence the decor of children’s rooms. After the tipi, the dreamcatcher has managed to infiltrate in almost any room of children and adolescents in less than five years. But why such a success?
Dream catcher in the form of a star


The Dreamcatcher captures the nightmares

Before being a simple decorative accessory, the dream catcher is a traditional Native American object meant to capture the nightmares and let only sweet dreams pass. The net woven inside the willow hoop acts as a magic filter that captures nocturnal visions, and releases only beautiful images through feathers and hanging pearls. Magic, no? Although few parents really believe in the filtering power of this craft, many people use it to try to overcome the fear of the wolf and night awakenings … Behind every dream catcher, there is often a big nightmare he had to defeat!
A dream catcher in an adult's room



The dream catcher comes in all styles

Faced with such a craze, the brands were quick to react and the offer of dream catchers available in the trade today has something to surprise.Ethnic or contemporary, bohemian or geometric, white or colored, in the shape of a star, a heart or a rosette, the dream catcher adapts to all decorating desires. So much so that one can also find dream-catchers on paintings, canvases, duvet covers, candles, keyrings, stickers …
Table Catches Dreams



Dreamcatcher self-fabricates

But perhaps the most important reason for this seemingly endless trend is that dreamcatcher can also be easily made at home. itself. The technique of weaving is easily acquired by following the many tutorials available on the internet and allows to create models perfectly adapted to his desires. Even better, there is no need to tie the wires inside the ring, you can also create a contemporary dream catcher by simply tying a few wires ….So, do we start?
10 dreamcatches to make yourself