The essentials of my first apartment

Moving into your very first apartment is a good opportunity to acquire your first furniture: beautiful, practical, functional and not too expensive. And since student apartments are often small, it will also use and abuse tricks to gain storage space. Demonstration.
convertible sofa-scandinavian
Essential and practical, a sofa bed will allow you to properly receive your friends, or simply to sleep comfortably. Special mention for this model with wooden feet: an important detail that makes it an elegant and warm piece.
Lot of 2 wired tables in wood and metal
Blow of heart for these wired coffee tables! Recessed and trendy, they will allow you to modulate the space with style.Not to mention the removable trays, which turn these tables into storage spaces. To welcome the open arms in a small living room.
shelf white library
Due to its small size, a first apartment requires storage space. A bookshelf becomes indispensable. This compact model will slip easily into a small living room or bedroom.
Flexible, silver and metal reading lamp

Flexible, this lamp can be used both as main lighting but also as a reading lamp near a convertible sofa. Both pragmatic and aesthetic, this model is perfect for illuminating a first apartment.
Beige Linen Storage Stool
Save space in your first apartment! Once filled, this storage stool can serve as an extra seat or footrest, it’s up to you! In any case, her beige linen will show neutrality and elegance.
3 wood rustic partition wall
In a studio, it is often necessary to use tricks to partition spaces. Once separated, they are more pleasant to live. The ideal? A removable partition type screen, unwind in 3 times. With its rustic wood, this model will bring a little charm to a modern decor.
White bed with storage box
A bed is good. but a bed with storage is much better. For the development of a first apartment, a bed with a safe is a perfect investment that will accompany you move after moving and will ensure you a good night, wherever you sleep.
Countertop high table set with two high chairs
Ideal in a kitchen open to the living room, this set consists of a counter-top bar table and 2 matching high chairs.Ultra practical, this lot is perfect to enjoy meal times in small areas. Your first apartment ‘will love it!
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