The essentials to build a vegetable garden on your balcony

Do you want to grow vegetables and aromatic herbs on your balcony? Living in the city and having a vegetable garden is not incompatible! All you need is a little equipment to enjoy the joys of gardening. Small selection of essentials to install your kitchen garden on your balcony.

Primo rectangular garden
This flower box is very practical for small spaces like a balcony: it does not take up space and blends into the decor. You can plant your herbs in different geotextile bags for convenience!

garden watering can style old galva iron
This beautiful watering can is a very practical everyday object to water your thyme, mint, basil or your delicious cherry tomatoes.It is also a beautiful decorative object with its beautiful galvanized steel.

Steel Transplanter with Soft Touch Handle
This steel transplanter will be ideal for mixing your fertilizers, making holes for your small plantations or transplanting. It is a must in the garden and you will appreciate its maneuverability and ergonomic handle bi-material soft.

Gardening table in pine and zinc
And if you were crying for this White Farm Folklore gardening table? With its beautiful design, it will be the most effect on your balcony. A perfect table to store your tools and do your planting without messing your balcony!

Fork in Metal Green and Wood
With its green handle and natural wood, this small metal fork is the ideal tool for your gardening work.To associate with a small rake, a shovel and a dibble to have the green hand for sure!

Hanging pot
You have little room on the ground? Never mind, invest the ceilings with this pretty hanging pot adjustable in height. Inside, your plantation is pampered and protected thanks to its coating which allows the earth to breathe and the water to flow.

Wooden Furniture Ladder Staircase
For a small vertical kitchen garden, this staircase shelf is ideal. It can accommodate several pots of different varieties. It does not take up much space and folds easily when you do not need it anymore!

Square Wooden kitchen with floors
The squares are perfect for creating a kitchen balcony: vegetables, herbs or even edible flowers will each have their place.This staircase allows planting down the most fragile plants and the most resistant top.
Discover quickly our essentials for gardening!