The kit of the perfect cleaning of spring

With the beautiful days settling in, it’s time to make a clean space in the house. To wash, to dust, to brick so that your interior shines like a penny. We take the opportunity to choose products that respect the environment and good for health. We have selected the ideal kit for a perfect spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning: a stopping place for chemicals

As soon as you get ready for this big spring cleaning , put in the basket detergents, deodorants and other traditional cleaning products that contain when you look at it more closely, polluting substances. Opt for the natural! By choosing environmentally friendly products, you will be good for the environment, your health and your wallet.



White vinegar

Degreaser, disinfectant, antilimic, white vinegar is the most economical solution, besides being natural, to effectively tackle dirt. Diluted with water, household vinegar can descale your appliances, but also clean your windows and mirrors. You can also use it in the toilet, pouring it on all surfaces of the bowl, and letting it work for half an hour before brushing and flushing. To use it more conveniently, equip yourself with a vaporizer and, if the smell is bothering you, prepare yourself a scented version.



Baking soda for the big housekeeping

This is the unstoppable grandmother’s tip to clean the different surfaces of the house.By diluting the baking soda with a little hot water, you can clean, with a sponge, the bath, the shower or the sink. Baking soda is also very effective in cleaning the oven with a small amount on a damp cloth. Also try it on your carpets and carpets, to clean them up or to clean a stain, by sprinkling a little product, leaving two hours and then sucking.



The lemon, the friend of the spring household

It has many qualities this citrus! Apart from its nutritional virtues, lemon can prove to be a formidable product for the maintenance of the house … in addition to being ecological and economical! It is a good deodorant, but also an effective disinfectant. Mix lemon juice with a little water, and spray a cloth that you will spend on all places where you usually put your hands – handles, remote controls, phone … It is also effective against light limestone and is a powerful ally white vinegar when the limestone is more tenacious, and baking soda to open pipes.



The black soap to shine

Diluted in hot water, natural black soap is also very cheap and is ideal for the cleaning of floors, floors or tiles, but also paving in garden. It also effectively cleans tools and garden furniture.
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Flaxseed oil

At the closet the dust-removing sprays, as expensive as they are harmful! To maintain the wood, turn instead to linseed oil, a natural and healthy product to treat parquet, furniture and other work plans. Not only does linseed oil nourish the wood but it protects it.Ideally, treat your wood twice a year and not only in the spring. If you need to dust off your furniture beforehand, mix water and glycerin in a spray bottle, and soak a dry cloth in this eco-friendly mixture.



Essential oils

The house is now clean but you want it to feel good? Essential oils have many assets to deodorize and perfume your home. Pour for example five drops on a cotton and place it in the bottom of your trash to prevent it from feeling, or vacuum to spread the passage of the device a pleasant scent throughout the house. You can also pour a few drops in a bowl of water to heat in the microwave to rid your home of a strong smell of fish.These oils can be used all year round in a room fragrance with antiseptic virtues. A few drops on small pebbles placed in the toilets, or poured into a diffuser fill all the pieces of scents of season.