The neo art deco, new breath for the 30s

You could not miss it! Velvet, brass, marble … the materials and lines of the 30s have signed a return we can not notice in the sphere of decor. Redesigned into entire collections by major brands, reinterpreted by interior designers in hotels and restaurants, Art Deco presents itself in a new light, and let’s be honest, it’s sumptuous. Some inspiration to help you breathe in this neo art deco spirit.


Passion velvet

Several seasons already that the velvet spirit Art Deco resurfaced in the catalogs. Color side, no madness … powdery pink, forest green, midnight blue or gray mouse are recommended. If sofas, chaise lounges or cushions have already adopted, new kids invite themselves this season to make them shade. Like the pouf designed by ENOstudio with its golden metal structure and minimalist look.Sophisticated and a bit glamorous, the latter invites himself into the living room boudoir style contemporary. Equally luxurious, the signature chairs by House Doctor add character to a simple blond wood table.
velvet chair and pouf art deco



Golden Notes and Marbled

Rarely one without the other, white marble and brass evoke the materials used extensively in the Art Deco era. Fashioned today in a refined and contemporary way, they take the form of attractive side tables with graphic trays and feet or light and airy table lamps. With their simple lines and low aesthetics, these pieces have no trouble in creeping into our current interiors, no need that they have decided to play the card of the total look of the 30s.
marble and brass table and lamp



Sources of inspiration for interior designers

If the 30s reinvested the catalogs, it is also the case of restaurants and trendy hotels in European capitals. Under the magic wand of interior designers like Dorothée Meilichzon who made it a specialty, the Hotel Panache in Paris or Henrietta in London are dressed in finishes and pieces of furniture with Art Deco inspirations assumed.
hotels henrietta hotel panache



Father House x La Redoute Interiors

Camille Omerin, founder of Maison Père, is first known for her beautiful retro-inspired women’s ready-to-wear brand.But when La Redoute Intérieurs is considering a capsule deco collection with her, the latter takes the opportunity to revisit and give his vision of French classicism. Chineuse invétérée, she imagines for this collaboration twelve pieces largely inspired by the 30s to furnish a living room, like this incredible modular armchair that becomes sofa, chaise longue or fireside. As for materials, she naturally turns to velvet, marble, brass and cut crystal, a classic! Chic and assertive, these beautiful creations are a tribute to the 30s.
house father x the redoubt interior



1930s wallpapers

It’s not just furniture and decorative objects that are strongly influenced by the 30s! The wallpaper, also nostalgic of this time, finds in its patterns and colors some inspirations of another time.On the program at the publishers: structured lines, geometric patterns, arabesques, deep colors and of course the inevitable golden finish that gives all their charm to stylized tiles. Our darlings? The 1925 model from Papermint and Minispiral designed by Erica Wakerly, available from Au Fil des Couleurs.
golden deco wallpaper border = '0' /> <br /> <h2> Inspired tableware </h2> Stop everything! The dishes are also in line with Art Deco. The cutlery first, in a contemporary and sleek design, are adorned with a pretty golden patina. As for plates and bowls, they take advantage of geometric patterns in highly decorative metallic finishes. <br /> <img data-cke-saved-src = '' src = '' alt =



The bathroom in 1930s mode

Worked in black and white, the bathroom jumped in the 30s in the blink of an eye.Provided of course to bet on some essential …
ceramics: for basins, shelves or bathrooms with graceful and generous curves. We love their quaint look above all else!
the white tiles: it covers the wall from floor to ceiling for a refined atmosphere. Square, rectangular, white or black joints, it’s up to you!
a floor in black and white: if the checkered tiles have had the coast for years, we now rely on the hexagonal mosaic (to mix as desired) to breathe a modern Art Deco spirit in the bathroom
the mirror: beveled, chiseled, Venetian … the 30s mirror must be simple, refined, but always full of charm.
bathroom art deco