Tropical decoration for the balcony

Nostalgic traveler? Improvise a balcony with tropical decoration as to take refuge on an island paradise. Exotic terrace in perspective!

Failing to fly to tropical lands every four mornings, invite the exotic atmosphere on your balcony to enjoy all year round. Here are some deco, botanical and DIY tips to make your terrace a paradise destination. Between green patio and exuberant jungle, there is only one step. Change of scenery guaranteed. 

The furniture of a tropical balcony

In the tropics, rattan and bamboo are the big must-haves of the decor. Light and practical, these materials blend perfectly into the decor and withstand the heat. A good inspiration to create an exotic terrace worthy of a paradise destination.

The new JASSA collection at Ikea perfectly fulfills all the criteria of a tropical decoration: side tables, chairs, armchairs … bamboo answers the call and at low prices. Another alternative: the braided resin furniture, more suitable for the outside, which reproduces the texture of the rattan while keeping a “travel” spirit. On the ground, lay out the rugs in jute or braided that will recall the craftsmanship of the islands. And to create an intimate space, hang a mosquito net over an armchair to read or sleep like on vacation. Your exotic terrace begins to take shape …
Cheap furniture for a tropical decoration on your balcony!

The accessories of an exotic terrace

Your exotic terrace will see all the colors! Bet on a duet of green and white and add a touch of pink, orange, gray and turquoise. Side accessories tropical decoration has fun with flamingos, parrots and pineapple, very fashionable at the moment. Braided baskets are also popular. Take the opportunity to choose particularly colorful and preferably bright color. Multiply also the flowerpots for a real jungle atmosphere! Last touch to this tropical picture: prints. Between banana leaves and palm trees, your cushions and textiles will teleport you to an island paradise. All that’s missing is the temperature that goes with it.
The turquoise dominates in your terrace and it’s as if you already had your feet in the sand!

Exotic plants for your balcony

The more there is, the better. Bet on exuberant plants of different sizes to recreate the spirit of a green oasis. Objective: dive into a tropical jungle every time you go out on the balcony. Among the exotic plants, you can mix baobabs, palms, succulents, hibiscus, oleanders and bamboos. Not to mention cacti, larger or smaller, which require very little maintenance. If they have thorns, be careful not to place them in a zone of too great passage at the risk of being bitten each time. With all these plants and tropical beauties, your balcony will start to look like an exotic patio. Enchanting neighbors.
There will never be too many plants on your tropical balcony!

DIY DIY tips

For DIY enthusiasts, some Do It Yourself tricks can help you polish your exotic terrace:
– Paint a piece of exterior wall with a bright color, such as yellow for example. However, be careful to ask for the agreement of the condominium when you change an external color.
– Attach a wooden pallet to the wall to hang decorative elements or plants to create a green wall.