Tutorial: a bracelet with golden nuts

Yes, perfectly, you can create a nice bracelet from a few bolts!

After having debated with the assembly instructions, your new furniture is finally assembled. Finally, it is that you thought to put your eyes on these three screws and two bolts remaining at the bottom of the bag. Were these screws too much? No, certainly not. The furniture will it still hold? Hard to say. Far from allowing you to embark on this infernal spiral, you reacted with a lot of wisdom by starting to keep these bolts closer to you. Bravo, that’s exactly what you had to do. And today, since your furniture is still standing, you will be able to learn to make a bracelet with nuts (the famous ones)! 

The equipment

– a carabiner clasp
– twenty golden nuts 10 mm in diameter
– six golden nuts 7 mm in diameter
– a suede lace 200 cm long
Budget: around $10
Duration: 1 hour
07733601-photo-tutorial-a-bracelet-with-nails- dores-1.jpg


1. To begin, put the lace in the carabiner clasp. Tie a knot, then start braiding the lace on five centimeters.
07733603-photo-tutorial-a-wrist-bracelet-with-ecrous- dores-2.jpg
2. Continue plaiting the lace but inserting a nut at each pass. Start with twenty 10mm nuts, then finish with six 7mm nuts.
07733605-photo-tutorial-a-wrist-with-wrinkles- dores-3.jpg
3. Continue the braid about 30 cm.
07733607-photo-tutorial-a-bracelet-with-nails- dores-4.jpg
4. Tie a knot and attach the carabiner clasp.
07733609-photo-tutorial-a-wrist-with-wrinkles- dores-5.jpg

In the end

Wrap the bracelet around your wrist, you’re done! Depending on the desired result, you can make a longer braid to make more turns around your wrist!
07733611-photo-tutorial-a-wrist-with-wrinkles- dores-6.jpg
07733613-photo-tutorial-a-wrist-with-wrinkles- dores-7.jpg
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